Seriously is this what  we ve come too….Kanye West wants to be president, I thought when he said it first he was just shooting his dumbass mouth off but last night he gave a 40 min speech in support of president  elect  Trump and he said again he wanted to run for president in 2020!!! Trump can really do without this clown  trying to jump on the band wagon and coming out in his support but can you imagine Kanye west as president!! It would be the first sex video from the oval office and can you picture Kim kardashian as first lady….leaking nude pictures every day and Kanye West walking around trying to work out how to spell his name ….Kanye go fuck yourself….dumbass !!!

A 15 year old in America has shot into his neighbours house live on Facebook! Police have no idea why this kid did it,is this the need for fame that is coming over people with social media, the need to be known or seen. I was just thinking about this the other day….celebrity scum keep getting in kids faces and I can’t work it out, is it the need for money or that celebrities need to be in headlines without those headlines they don’t feel they exist.

I know I write about them but honestly it’s with discust and distain because I want to climb to the level they are at and put a reality boot in they re lives. I don’t care about and fortune . …I want to see the the people who deserve to famous get there rather than people like kim kardashian. Can you imagine a real person without bodyguards or bullshit talking to real people in a real way rather than fly around on a flying stage like Kanye West . …and then think he can can be president thus showing how little he thinks of  his fans….” I’m better than you that’s why I’m above you”

I’m not not better than anyone….but I’m going to fight the social media system that is forcing kids to take out a gun and shoot into a house in order for fame. If you want fame it doesn’t come over night and most certainly not like this…it comes from hard work. What I stand for and what 187 stands for is its good to not fit in ….it’s good to be different . …it’s  ok to turn on your TV and say ”  fuck you ” to celebrity products and nonsense. Be yourself ….Always!

It’s a sad day also as actress  Lisa Lynn Masters was found dead in her hotel room in Peru. The gossip girl and ugly Betty star hung herself in the wardrobe of her room. She suffered from serious depression and I guess it all got too much for her. I hate to see this happen as a girl killed herself in front of me and after seeing that it never leaves you. Rest in peace Lisa….may your pain begone. The price of fame is high….don’t pay it.
So until tomorrow guys and gals . ..sorry blog ain’t great today because I’m in alot of pain…

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s “the body ” Elle  Macpherson ”

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