Do you think kim kardashian is happy  or do you think any of that family are? Personally I don’t think they are. Think about it you spend your whole day trying to plan the next day to get into the headlines. The whole family are like that and look at yer man that got the sex change….going bald, still looks like a man and can’t do anything without telling twitter….OK grand you got your dick cut off, that’s what you wanted so go be happy….but he can’t because neither he or any of the Jenner / kardashian family can live without the fourth estate . …media.

Just think if social media and news stopped talking about these people…they are of no use to the world ( as in do anything to improve the world) they would have to talk to each other face to face rather than through social media and magazines. Do you think they are rich….I don’t! Why you ask, they have property and diamonds and TV shows….let me explain.

In alot of publications, if you see a nonsense interview with a celebrity and a photo shoot….the majority of the time the celebrities are paying for it and they ain’t cheap. It’s usually to off set a book release or cd or TV show….do you really think journalists dream of interviewing a fool z list celebrity  about his/ her latest cook book!!! There is real interviews but those are for something  that is going on or the latest gossip….it’s about one quarter real interview and three quarters shit interviews.The examples are here in Ireland. …Vogue Williams  and America  the kardashian/ Jenner family…they can’t live with out it….but what about the cost it ain’t cheap to stay in the headlines . Why do you think celebrities steal and go broke.

Right, next we come to the TV shows…TV pays loads right…guess again. If your on a popular show and it’s getting views and rating yes …but if your in the fill in shit shows, it usually works on an expenses base  for the first season and pay will come from second season if there is one….but that pay will go in the cost of staying in the headlines so yes your making an income but it’s gone because of ego. I ask how much does kim kardashian and Kanye West pay out on a weekly basis to make money….I can only imagine. Take the “keeping up with the kardashians” show do you really think the E channel pays for that shit ….I reckon it’s the other way round because  it’s Kimmy and her sisters gaining in advertising . ….with out the E chanel what are they….nothing.

Now let’s talk money. There is a massive difference between net worth and cash assets ( a $10million house can’t buy you food). When Kimmy was robbed ( which I believe to be inside deal because of the bodyguard company being bankrupt)she had no cash what so ever….so why didn’t they take her credit card and beat the pin out of her….in my opinion someone knew there was no money on it. This is where the life of credit comes in…we all do it in either credit cards or overdrafts or loans….Z list celebrities have the same thing but on a larger scale. Can you imagine living day to day knowing that you are nothing ( not a doctor or lawyer and so on)without being talked about your broke….that must be hell, like a being in a golden cage….it’s still a cage ( the one in photo is up for sale)

So who makes the money? That’s the great question. It’s the men and women you never hear of…..editors…directors…producers and other areas you never think about. That’s how the fourth estate runs but it’s changing. During the last week the majority of main stream media dropped 97% of trust. Meaning 97% of people don’t believe the main stream media and think that the celebrity stuff in nonsense and laugh at how stupid the are. Things are changing from the days of looking in awe of celebrities saying ” I want to be like them” to ” I would hate to be as stupid as you”. Do I want fame and fortune . ..yes who doesn’t but you won’t find me selling sex tapes and typing on twitter that I just bought a carret and will stick it up my ass later. I’m going to stay on the outside….the guy who knows these celebrities and will smile as I let them take out they re credit card to flash they re non existence wealth and I ll also smile and tell them they re great as the give me a porsche  in order to be seen with me. I want to be a nobody that everybody wants.

So until tomorrow guys and gals . …tomorrow the effect of the fourth estate . …
Love you all guys and gals 

Here is the sexy Cerry Anne Moss…

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