Who are these people?? Have I died and been frozen and then been woken up in the year of bad music….I think so, it’s the only answer I can come up. There a whole list of people who got awards that I never heard of and when the fuck did that little idiot Justin Bieber become rock!!!

I suppose I better star with Kanye West. Why is he trying to come out political and pretending he has something to say…it’s all just rehashed bullshit he always says and doesn’t make sense. He came out at a gig last night ( an hour and a half late) performed ( or whatever he does) for 30min and then gave a rant about …well nothing! He complained about Beyonce and jayz not calling him ( why would you willing call Kanye West) ..then he said something about Taylor Swift, I have no idea what, then he said something about he being an old whore like Hilary Clinton or was it the other way around..either way the words old and whore go well with Hilary Clinton and then he talked more bollox about something. I don’t give a fuck about what he said but how dare this bastard treat fans like this. This useless gimp just treated people who paid to see him like shit. Where the fuck does he get off and why the fuck wasn’t the stage invaded and the shit kicked outa him. I know the fans have been promised a refund for the tickets but who refunds the cost of going to the gig, the hassel and all the other costs of going to see this  idiot…Kanye West you are a complete and utter tool.

Now we get to the awards ….the press are saying it’s a great comeback for selena gomez , why where the fuck did she go! Selena gomez got an award for pop/ you didn’t read it wrong…rock!! Is music gone this bad …you bet it is. Sting was dug up to show he is still alive and maybe add a bit music to the awards but there is a whole host of people I’d never heard of. Who the fuck is Drake. Ah I can’t go on……try and name this lot cause I can’t..

So until tomorrow guys and gals . ..bring back good music…

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the sexy Kerry Washington 

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