So finally Kanye is in the nut house ( i know they say hospital ….but let’s face it Kanye West is so stupid that he could nt possibly understand the concept of a hospital) he blames drugs , drink, escorts and Beyonce for his so called break down. Don’t you need to have a mind in order to lose it.Maybe if he stopped making home sex tapes of him and Kimmy he might be alright….I know if I had sex with Kimmy I’d need the nut house to. Bye bye Kanye. …you suck go eat a bag of shit.If I was the doctor I would love to tell him the only cure is for him to be zapped with cattle prod twice a day….we can all dream.

Finally the T.P.P ( Trans Pacific Partnership ) is going to be cancelled. President Elect Donald Trump says on day one of his presidential therm he will pull America out of the T.P.P….the other biggest lie that Obama tried to pull over the world, The biggest of of all of Obama’s lies and fails is Obama care,which isn’t free ( like he promised ) and you can’t keep your doctor ( which he also promised).
The end of the T.P.P. means that jobs will stay in America and thus jobs will grow in Republic of Ireland  ( just like the 80s and 90s when American firms grew in America and realised that here in Republic of Ireland have one of the best education systems in world and offer a skilled work force). China of course are jumping in already with a new trade deal and who can blame them but least this time it’s not the west that is being sold out and ass fucked like under Obama  ( remember Obama being china’s bitch when he got off the back of the plane…no more) and of course the lefties and trendies are at it again.

A woman claimed she was beaten up and raped by republican supporters . …she later said it was all false and she made it up, can you lefties just get this into your feeble little minds…no Trump supporter is going to beat anyone up, riot or basically do anything stupid like that because . .TRUMP WON THE ELECTION . fucking clearer can I make it…the only people attacking others and rioting is ye lefty  trendy ” I am victim ” scum. Not only that how stupid are ye…a guy last night gave his phone to a passer by and asked them to record him. He then went to his car got a can of petrol and set himself on fire ….in protest of the election results !!!! Come on lefties get yer shit together this is just plain stupid.How many more needless people need to be hurt because of yer sulk.

Finally to Meliana  Trump. She is a truly beautiful  woman and is soon to be the first lady….show some respect. There is signs turning up of ” rape Melania  ” at protests… woman deserves that no matter what your political ideas. But then a nobody model/ presenter Gigi something or other mocks her openly at the American Music Awards and then gives half asked apology today! Let me explain why this pisses me off…Meliana Trump did not run for election she is going to be first lady because her husband won the election…Gigi whoever you are go help Kanye eat that bag of shit.

So until tomorrow guys and gals . …fuck you leftie “G”……..

Love you all guys and gals . ..

Here is one of the most beautiful women ever…Charlize Theron  

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