Right, instead of dealing with news I have to get this off my chest. As I looked through Facebook and Twitter loads of people are giving 50 cent shit because he asked ” what the hell is wrong with Kanye West “. What has people pissed off is they jump on the band wagon of ” oh 50 cent is mocking mental illness “….of course 50 cent is not mocking mental illness, what he has hit on ( probably without knowing) is the big problem of confusing burn out or things getting on top of you with mental illness.

I know everyone will scream ” porta gregor you bastard ….we all have mental problems . ..how dare you say that” … well you can kiss my ass because I’m on anti depressants and anti anixity medication  which is for problems that have come from being  in hospital long therm…shit I was ment to be dead 10 years ago….but do I have a mental illness . …no…because I have seen genuine mental illness patients and it’s scary. We all get down and pissed off but we ve got to stop rushing to cry out ” I ve a mental illness ” as if it’s a badge of coolness or to be part of something when in reality you  just had a bad day/week/month/year.

You might think I’m being harsh but let’s look at Kanye West. He admits to taking loads of drugs, fucking loads of “escorts ”  , having a useless dumb wife who lives her life online and then there is his trying to sound interesting ( which he fails at) during rants at concerts….your going to hit burn out, not a mental illness ! He has fucked himself up with trying to be in the headlines everyday and greed. Examples….fucking his wife in the ass on camera loads of times and then it’s “hacked” to the world and then there is the time he told everyone he was bankrupt and asked for money from fans ( which for some stupid reason they gave ) and then laughing at them saying he lied. Where was the break down when he is in the headlines and money coming in….there wasn’t  one….this ain’t mental illness . ..it’s that he has burnt himself out or worse it’s an attempt to get notice….which I hope it isn’t . 

This is another problem . …the fakers! Here in Republic of Ireland we have a ( poor) musican who once the headlines went away, people saw that he really was talentless….bang out comes he has a mental illness . …but of course no one knew or noticed and he only talked about it when he wrote a book at 35! Another example is a national sports star suddenly comes out that he has a mental illness . …but again no one knew or noticed and he only talked about it when he became known. Neither of these guys take regular medication nor attend a mental health doctor on regular basis . …see what I’m getting at.

But this does bring home the idea that 50 cent hit on weather he knows it or not….a mental health problem that Kanye West and the losers I mentioned above may have….the need to be noticed or have a problem. So think about this the next time you have a guy telling you ” look at me im special” with all the health issues he has or the mental health problems he has or when a celebrity comes out with a book based on they re struggles with mental health . …they could well have a mental problem but not the one they re talking about…they re problem is the need  to be noticed and be talked about. The real sick people won’t tell you about it unless they know you and get on with day to day life without the need of your sympathy. Please stop jumping on the band wagon of ” your mocking people with mental health problems ” and stop and think about it for a second…..then look at your own life and ask yourself ” I get down sometimes…..but I don’t have a mental illness . ..I’m just tired or down ” then take a look at the person complaining about how hard it is for them…. I think you ll see a few different points of view.

So until tomorrow guys and gals . …having lost half my friends because I support Trump , after writing this i ll have lost the other half….such is life
Love you all guys and gals . ..

Here’s the ageless goddess  Demi Moore 


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