Yet again Lindsay Lohan manages to make a complete balls of things . Not happy with opening a nightclub in Athens that she thinks will bring world peace ( don’t ask) she now broke the hearts of children by not turning on the Christmas lights in the town of Kettering in the United Kingdom, a town she mocked on twitter for voting in favour of Brexit

” sorry but Kettering where are you” is what my beloved Lindsay said on twitter suggesting that no one had heard of the place or it didn’t matter,  so to apologise she agreed to turn on the Christmas lights. To me turning on Christmas shopping lights means ” fuck fuck fuck…buy presents …avoid ex girlfriends” but to parents and kids it means alot and even though Lindsay Lohan’s star is in the decent she should have turned up. She sent a video message saying sorry that her busy schedule wouldn’t allow her do it…..EXCEPT  she sent the video message from the hairdressers . …bad form Lindsay Lohan and I think this is the coffin nail in a career that had promise but she destroyed all on her own. Let this be a lesson to you boys and girls . …that the drugs don’t work and if you were an asshole before you became famous you then just become a bigger asshole.

Now this really sickens my shit. I don’t care about colour or race you are you have no right to attack and steal from others because of the colour of they’re skin. It started with “BLACK LIVES MATTER ” nobody said they didn’t, but now it’s a hatred of white people that has cowards looking the other way and refusing to step in when they see racist attacks, which is a growing trend across America.

Four white 15 year catholic school girls were targeted, beaten up and robbed on a bus in new York by a group of black males joined by black female friends, All the while the bus driver watched and did nothing !! It started with the usual ” hey white girl…go drink some coffee” and other stupid mocks which the four girls laughed off but things turned serious once the black female girls got on the bus. The males moved next to the white girls and then both the black males and females beat into the four white girls because of the colour of they re skin and because they went to a catholic school. The bus driver and other passengers did nothing and the gang ran off the bus after stealing a backpack with one of the girls iPhone and ipad in it.
So this is ” BLACK LIVES MATTER ” is it we must all roll over and let abuse of white people happen for no reason all because of fear of being branded a racist! Well not me, on  a daily basis I deal with cyber bullies for people no matter what colour they are and if I see a girl/ woman getting attacked or abused Porta Gregor steps in…..why ….because I am a man and I don’t give a shit what you brand me I will not allow the weak to be bullied by cowards just because it’s now cool to be black. Yes be proud of being black but it does not give you the right to attack people….so bear in mind there is people like me out there who do not fear you.

In another attack, some nutter in a Harlem subway station tried to push another guy on the tracks while shouting ” I hate white people”. Now this is where people didn’t act as cowards, they stopped and shouted and saved the other man who was blindly attacked and pushed from behind. People on the subway platform then slowed the escape of the weirdo until the police arrived and took him to the booty house. Now here is the difference between the bus incident and the subway incident, all it took was one person to say ” hey fuck you I ain’t going to stand by and let you do this” and others followed….the only way for evil men to prevail is for good men to do nothing . …bear that in mind.

Finally Tokyo has had worst snow in 50 years . …excellent . I don’t know what I’m ment to say about that because I live in Republic of Ireland where it’s fucking cold but congratulations on the snow lads….go have the cric or something . 

So until tomorrow guys and gals . …behind every corner there might just be a Porta Gregor waiting to kick your racist  ass so keep that in mind racists….
Love you all guys and gals . …

Here is the sexy Natalie Domer

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