So finally good old Fidel is dead. He wasn’t really that bad guy he just kinda got screwed over by America and then the U.S.S.R. for reasons long since forgotten and well no cares really. Yes he did take a giant shit on America by releasing all the criminals and sending them to America ” say hello to my little friend” but give the guy some credit clever move.Also he did fuck over Che . …but if you read Che’s  diaries you see Che was a bit of a tool. Love him or hate him Fidel has seen some of major events in modern  history….RIP Fidel Castro.

For some strange reason the thing that offended Irish women the most in my blog during the week was one word….Vagina !!! So if your reading this and you were offended by that word, this is for you….VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA and VAGINA !!!!What will also offend you is…what is that stupid bitch doing calling for a recount in WISCONSIN and the other states. The green party candidate  ( fuck knows or cares what her name is) took 8 months to raise $3million for her campaign but yet somehow got $4.8million in 24hrs to pay for the recount in these states all of which are states that Trump won by less than hundred thousand votes. God forbid the silly green bitch might get a recount done in states Hilary won by less than 20k votes. So it don’t take a genius to work out where the money came from. This brings me to lefty trendy assholes. yes they are all around us….they are ignorant , stupid , loud and think that only they re views matter so I ve put together a few things to watch out for when you suspect your friend or family member is becoming a lefty trendy asshole so you can get them help in time.

1. Almost all of these people are victims, of what …well that’s the thing ….they dont know and neither does anyone else. They will go around saying stuff like ” well you never had too…” or ” life is so hard on me since….” so watch out for sulk signs….best cure for this is to bitch slap them and laugh

2. They shout remarks and abuse at you …but when you ask them why, they have no idea. When reason is put to them they re usual answer is either they hit you or ” I don’t give a fuck anyway “….cure for this just laugh at them.

3. Trendies want every refugee/ migrant/ whatever to be helped and allowed into the country…..just not to they re town. So in other words they will turn up in your town call you a complete bastard and have your town filled up all sorts of terriosts and then they fuck off home to where there is none of the wackos allowed.

4. No matter how well they are paid ( and trust me most of them are in good jobs with good pay) they will always point they re finger at you and call you privileged. Also for some reason which I can’t work out white men talk and act like black men when they get asked a question…ie one white man calling another ” a privileged white man” it kinda don’t make sense…..but most lefty trendy assholes don’t make sense anyway.

5. They are so stupid they riot on they re own door step ….why….well because they can’t deal with election results…so when things don’t go they re way…they sulk…cry ….riot ….attack…and just generally become even bigger assholes .

The overall cure for the above is a bitch slap and a good laugh because let’s face it these moaning tools are great fun to laugh at. $4.8million to have a recount done ” because of electronic voting problems” except one problem….in the states yer one wants a recount in there was no electronic voting…..see what I mean, lefty trendy assholes are always good for a laugh.
So until tomorrow guys and gals . …VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA . ..

Love you all guys and gals….

Oh big Congratulations to an ex girlfriend  “A” on the birth of her first child…you ll be a great mother and I wish you and baby all the best.

Here is the goddess . …Gillian Anderson 

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