Well I couldn’t have picked a better weekend to do a ” know your lefty trendy ” special. For those of you that don’t know, Jill Stein ( who??? I know…she was the green party candidate for president ) has managed to get a recount in WISCONSIN and 2 other states and guess who pops her ugly bitter twisted head up in support . guessed it …Hilary fucking Clinton .  Hilary let me explain something to you…you lost the election, you are forgotten and your walking corpse rapist  husband are yesterday’s news…so please fuck off. As for Jill Stein . …who….exactly. One last thing the $6million  you raised for this shit would be alot better served helping veterans who protect your country rather than a fucking recount….this is lefty trendy bullshit at its highest . …the party before people . ….lefty ” G” I hope you’re following this because these are the people you support . …losers….worse than losers . ..bad losers…hope it was worth it!!!!

As you can see I’m still pissed off at one person in particular who couldn’t deal with the election outcome and basically refused to speak to me again….after 20 years of being friends. What is it with these people , if Trump had lost the election i wouldn’t be unfriending  people, I would take the jokes and I would get on with life….that’s what adults do….but these lefty trendy assholes can’t do that. There was a time when being a lefty was hard core. ..Carlos the jackal  . …Che . …communists . brigade . ..and so on. But today’s lefties are even an embarrassment to them….if that’s even possible. Those names I mentioned above believed . …but now it’s just trendy to be a lefty . 

So here are some more warning signs to watch out for so you can get help for you re loved ones if you think they are becoming a lefty trendy asshole . 

1. They usually travel with a new circle of friends it’s kinda like safety in numbers thing so when they attack a woman on her own they might actually win the fight and that’s a big might. So you ll start to notice that decent people with decent opinions and conversation skills will start to not talk to your loved one and you ll start to see idiots who think they re black but in reality are middle class white guys call to your door….cure for this…bitch slap and start laughing.

2. Most lefties smell…straight and simple. Go away have a good wash yer bastards .

3. Conversation is changed to shouting and God help you if the person you are trying to cure is female. ” I’m with her ” will be screamed in your face till you go deaf or stupid or both ( it’s one of they re tricks). The thing is these lefty females ain’t looked too closely at the her . Her ( hilary ) sleeps with a woman who is the leading spokesperson for female genital mutation and her husband is a rapist.Enough said.

4. If the person is male. ..well they re just going to scream that every one is a”privileged white man” even if they re black or Asian. 

5. Ah lefties just suck.

Most of what I have  said over the last two days is ment as a joke but in reality these new breed of lefty are pretty scary because they don’t believe in anything. They believe what they are told. In the 70s and 80s left hard core believers questioned everything and took nothing at face value and then the decided to fight or not fight, I respect that. So you ve got to ask the question ….is the new right ( Trump supporters ) now really what the old left was…..there’s a mind fuck.

So until tomorrow guys and gals . …remember to bitch slap and laugh…
Love you all guys and gals ….

Here’s the sexy beautiful . ..Julianne Moore . .

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