With reddit coming out and saying that yes they openly edited pro Trump posts so as to make Hilary look better. And now in this nonsense recount, it shows that over one million dead voters voted for Hilary Clinton  ( Inc her husband . …oh wait he only looks dead) where is the out cry, where is the rage ….there just doesn’t seem to be any.

I personally felt it yesterday when my personal Facebook account was deactivated for …now this is funny…3 photos of my pet fox “alphonso ” and one of my cats “Tuesday ” which were deemed as explicit !!!! How is a fox having his dinner explicit . …he lives at the side of our house in a dog house and has a winter duvet!!! The cat even sleeps with him!! But that’s 5000 contacts lost and I have no one to complain too. Yes I’m pushing for legal action but against who and where. I’m pro Trump and I won’t stop being….but with reddit admittedly editing posts…there is a very strong possibly that I, like millions of others, are having our accounts deactivated because of our political views. But again where is the out cry…there isn’t any.

What we get instead is shit news. Kanye West is being fed with a straw …..why …what the fuck is wrong with him other than he being a tool. Taylor Swift hugs the latest tranny and her friends do some weird fucked up staute standing challenge . ..try writing a decent song challenge. And then you have Mariah Carey having dinner. THIS IS YOUR NEWS….TAKE IT IN AND SHUT UP!!!! This is what television, Internet and papers are telling you in the main stream media. Those of us who give you something else ….well …we re censored basically , that means so are you too because news and views don’t reach you.

Take a look at Allope. I watched 3 different news stations today and got 3 different stories of what’s happening and each station treated me as if I was stupid. This is the fall out television. People are now believing what they are told …without question .  Television is creating a world of zombies with out free will. If ever you thought there was a time to fight back it’s now…don’t put your kids in front of television for hours….don’t believe the news, question it and most of all don’t let your voice be quashed.

They can deactivate accounts . …they can block you…they can unfriend you…fuck it ,they can do loads of shit to you but they can’t force you to believe something that you know to be wrong. So I say fuck these losers of celebrities . …just bring on everything you have got….Porta Gregor ain’t moving

So until tomorrow guys and gals . ..refuse…resist . .. and watch out for an explicit fox
Love you all guys and gals . ..

Here is Kelly Brook ….

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