What is it about Christmas that just drives normal people to go completely nuts. I come back to this. First DOLLYWOOD . …Dolly Partons home theme park. I didn’t even know that such a place existed but it almost got caught in the middle of forest fire but survived….but this isn’t the news here. Insurance companies in America have been fucking with everyday people who have to put in insurance claims for fire , flood, storm damage and so for years and in most cases the claims either ain’t paid out or full amount not paid and people left homeless….do you think Dolly would have been left waiting , you can bet your ass she wouldn’t .  so it’s back to the old devide money gets money and the rest pay for it. Honestly fuck DOLLYWOOD 

Now to the silly season ….in a car park in South Los Angeles. A bunch of women started a huge fight involving suv’s and fists over a parking space….I shit you not…a parking space. The women were caught on camera beating into each other then one jumped into her white suv and crashed in the other silver suv. Then the woman in the silver suv drove right into the white suv demolition style. So for the next few minutes there is these bunch of wackos ramming into each other….Until it went to the street, where the  white suv gave the final slap to the silver suv sending it into a fire hydrant .  To make matters worse it was a news station that captured the footage , aired it live and then called the police. How do you explain that  to ur family, the garage , the insurance company . …the police!!! It’s the silly season and we re all fucked because women and Christmas shopping is like a zombie horde attacking each other for a human to eat but in this case it’s usually a Christmas tree…..thank God I’m single. 

In new York police stormed the hotel rooms of what they thought were terrorists but in reality were a bunch of fuck wits . 2 street blocks in every direction around the hotel was closed off as anti terriost units stormed the hotel. It all sparked off after these idiots in the room started posting live videos on Facebook of them with guns and generally being assholes, so the staff saw this on Facebook and stories got added too till the police stormed into the room. The guns were BB guns and they were all stoned but can you blame the police I can’t.  Better to arrest a few idiots than run the risk of an innocent person being killed in a terrorist attack . I ll bet that these stoners had a bad buzz when they woke up as some guys bitch in jail….nice going guys.

Now to Bieber . …he says that instragram is the devil. No Bieber you are the devil ….because you and that shit you call music is corrupting young minds forcing them unable to figure out good music…..I’m watching you Bieber . ..fucker . 

There was something bout Madonna’s kid getting arrested…..but I have no idea who Wendy williams is ….so fuck all of em.

So until tomorrow guys and gals . …don’t go killing each other over Christmas ladies, think calm thoughts….

Love you all guys and gals . ….

Here’s Uma Thurman  . …

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