So there was another Victoria Secret show on and of course the models looked stunning and all us guys wish we could date them….but lady gaga was the entertainment at the show. How does she manage to go from looking super sexy to looking a complete idiot, I mean there is making a fashion statement and just being a complete tool. She looked amazing in silver underwear then she comes out in this weird blue fur coat….that if you were dating her you would suddenly find yourself busy if she wanted to go somewhere dressed like that. More on this later.

Some wacko got pissed drunk on a plane to Honoloulou . …except not happy with chatting up the air crew or trying to join the mile high club, he decided to threaten to kill his girlfriend . ..” slit the throats of her piggy children ” then kill the cabin crew and then well kill everyone on the plane. What a fucking muppet. The plane ended up up being turned around and this asshole got arrested . …but what makes someone do this on a plane, I mean it’s pretty serious to say you re going to kill children!! This might lead on to our next bit of news.

The vatican has now set up a week long course for priests to deal with the growing number of exorcisms that are needed. It seems that there is a massive growth in the amount of possessions. Signs of a person being possessed are . ..talking in a language that the person could nt know , things moving by themselves and generally acting like total assholes ….it sounds like an Irish pub on a Saturday night. Shur maybe that’s what happened to the tool on the plane…he was processed not drunk…maybe.

A woman in Saudi Arabia has posted a picture of herself without wearing a hijab and there has been calls for her to be executed and fed to dogs, rape threats, death threats and calls for blood….all because a beautiful woman decided to show her beauty. Religion should not influence clothes, clothes should not be a reason to be killed. This shit has to stop and I don’t care about this culture shit…stop killing women over stupid beliefs.

Now this i don’t get….Charlie Sheen claims he no longer has HIV. He claims that this new trial treatment has cured him. Ah ….I ll hold off judgement because let’s face it he is a nut bag and I would nt advise any porn star fucking him no matter how much he is offering to pay because HIV is no joke or a rich man plaything. Always use condoms guys and gals.

Finally back to celebrities who seem to look like two different people. Just like Lady Gaga . …Jennifer Lopez seems to have photoshop on call 24/7. She got a black eye on some shit show she was working on but who cares she is paid loads but how do you go from hot to not ….by just having a shower. What I’m trying to say here is these celebrities are just like you and me except they have no life just this fake need to be known. No matter who you are just look in the mirror and know you are better than these losers who need to be talked about and looked up too.

So until tomorrow guys and gals . …try a ban…well worth it
Love you all guys and gals . ..

Here’s the weirdly sexy hot Caitlin Stasey

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