How dare any news station or search engine tell you what is fake news…it’s the same thing as saying ” this news is real …because we said so” …Google Facebook , Twitter CNN ABC and all other main stream media out let’s  ( which in a recent survey turned out to only have a 3 % trust…meaning 97% of people surveyed didn’t believe what the main stream media said) have come out pointing fingers at an independent news sources calling them fake news in other words saying to you…” hey your stupid ..we only give the real news how dare you think for yourself”.  This is where you have to take control and choose to look into news and what’s going on and make up your own mind…so dont let yourself  be insulted by these people..the worst thing you can do is I suggest you look at all sides of news and not just what the main stream tell you because you are not stupid.

To give you an idea of the waking up that is happening . … out going president Obama was giving a speech to armed services men and women..and only a few claped after his speech. This means that finally the world is seeing him for what he is…the worst president in the history of America. “Porta Gregor you only don’t like him because he is black” ….I don’t give a crap what colour or gender a president or anyone in  politics is ( except maybe transgender because let’s face it if you going to get your dick chopped off have mental issues and I don’t think you should have access to nuclear weapons ) Obama is the worst president in the history of America because he is the only president not to grow the economy by 3%, Obama care is a lie, every promise he made in elections he broke. Now with the armed forces not even respecting him….just go Obama , maybe Bear Grills will have you on again…but please don’t go away angry…..just go away!!

To add even more insult to the world the Grammy nominations were announced last night and you guessed’s the same bunch of fuck muppets that are always nominated . ..Beyonce . .Kanye was . .Drake….Justin beiber …the  same old shit artists with the same old shit songs. It’s like the late 80s all over again where the music industry was just pumping of the same crap year after year giving awards to people who just sucked …but the good news is there is a million of us out there who don’t care about awards and don’t care about kissing Gigi’s ( whoever she is) ass and soon the the music industry will implode with our weight of numbers…be afraid  Beyonce …. very afraid  because we re coming and time is running out.

Oh “Guns n Roses” are back together for a world tour but how long before Axl tries to find out who threw the  bottle at him and calls off the tour. I love G N R but a guy in his 50s acting like a teenager is just annoying…I ll wait for the dvd. 

So until tomorrow guys and gals . …can u name all the bad TV shows Obama was on…???
Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the angry sexy Krysten Ritter 

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