So lady gaga now has PTSD. I’m sorry I just don’t care. I’m sick to death of these celebrities coming out and telling us about the struggles they have with mental illness. Do these assholes want respect or to be put on a pedestal . ..well no I do respect any of you go fuck yourselves . …the people I respect are the people who go through they re daily lives…look after they re families and don’t go to the fucking media to share their “issues”….so fuck you Lady Gaga .  Think I’m being too harsh…. you can ask me about my health anytime and I ll tell you my story ….but I won’t do it publicly . …because I don’t need to be in the head lines for a day for my health.

On a really serious health issue, a guy from Essex picked up a penis eating super bug….in hospital !!! He was in hospital for what he thought was a straight forward operation and ended up with this super bud shit. It is completely the hospitals fault and he has taken legal action….but the damage is done and he has this big lump in his stomach above where his penis used be. What  amount  of money will make up for what has been done to this  man and all the medical services will do is move the doctors to another hospital. This is where I say, question everything . …if you don’t like something being done, ask why who what till your happy because you don’t want to be next to lose you dick.

Everyone is trying to  make a big joke out of Trump apppointing  Linda Machan to the business thing but it’s not a joke. Linda Machan ran one of the most successful businesses in the world “the WWE” and has been a success in every aspect of  business …but yet you lefties and trendies try to point your fingers and laugh…ye scum haven’t even got the respect to give the man a chance. This and telling us that what we write is “fake news” ….you make me sick. ” G” you are the face of this for me because you  know no other  way than your own….that’s fascism and I will fight every one of you with my bare hands to stop this….oh and all of ye ” with her”….YOU LOST…SO FUCK OFF…

So until tomorrow guys and gals . ..I’m too angry today

Love you all guys and gals 

Here is the sexy beautiful Margot Robbie

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