So Kanye West has popped up again and is now blonde . ..why….who know or cares. But who the hell is Pharrell Williams??? This guy has been on some radio station giving his support to Kanye West for fuck knows what and then asking for the world to be a nicer place. Ah we have no idea who you are dude….can you write a brief description of of your ment to be and Wear it around you neck so we can have some idea who you are…

John Glenn has died at 95. I don’t think there will be a man of his character again. He broke the transcontinental speed record, was the first man in space and then at the age of 77 became the oldest man to go into space. What I think is lost on people today is just how hard it to was to achieve these feats without what we call modern technology. It was journey into the unknown . ..it’s like going through the looking Glass and coming back with a piece of space looking into him….you will be missed John Glenn  as you were a hero in a time that needs heros  the most.

A pair of ugly were arrested in Florida for having sex in public. Why is it always ugly people…I mean why not a bunch of super models just start having wild sex in the street so we could sit and watch like the sick weirdos we are…but no we get people who even the perverts won’t watch….your eyes can’t unsee that shit!!! So anyway these two started at it and got arrested….the dude is 50 and the girl 25 ( way to go dude…twice her age…we re proud of you). The sick thing is it went into detail in the court and I don’t think anyone wants to relive that ever…both were released.  But what  would process you to go shagging ..on the street…in daylight…In front of people….i ve got nothing.( ah I could nt find a pic of the two in the story but here is some pictures you people who have been arrested having sex in public….I’m pretty sure the last was on his own)

In stupid news, how hard up must Nicole Scherzinger be. Victoria Beckham has asked her to do a duet for Christmas with…her son Cruz  ( is that his name…I hope it is because I’m too lazy to look it up) !!! You know you ve hit rock bottom when your asked to do a Christmas song with a kid. Poor Nicole . ..I mean she’s hot and pretty cool too but now this…I’m here baby.

Can all the women please shut the fuck up crying over Hilary Clinton losing the election. Hilary was greeted by distraught women crying over her loss in Washington today. Dear God and ye then wonder why no one takes ye seriously. I’m going to say it again…THE ELECTION IS OVER…GET A LIFE…crying and moaning months later is just nonsense and to be honest it pisses me off. It’s nothing to do with the fact it’s women it’s to do with not accepting  what is….nothing will change the out come ( as Jill Stein proved…by wasting millions of Democrats dollars . ..excellent Jill I love you ) so be adults and get on with it. We Trump supporters would have done that if the shoe was on the other foot …

If you wanna see something funny check fat boy Michael Moore getting owned by motor factory worker…..America is going to be great again

So until tomorrow guys and gals . ..don’t have sex in public, unless your a super model…then tell me where…
Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the sexy beautiful Nicole Scherzinger 

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