Kim kardashian half naked in a fecking advent calendar . ..are you kidding me!!! I go away for a few days and come back to this shit and Madonna becoming woman of the year !!! Is the world totally fucked…yes!!! People are calling this a great comeback for kim but I have no idea where she went…except to the nut house to visit her asshole husband. Ah I have to call bullshit here…Kanye West is a clown, kim kardashian is a clown, they spend mass amounts of money to stay famous…for what…well being famous…and that is just bullshit.

This is where we have to take a long hard look at these people. What about kim and the robbery . ..gone kinda quite ain’t it…what about Kanye West going bankrupt . ..forgotten…what all the nonsense with sex tapes and general crap that these two come out with daily in order to just be in the headlines. Just stop and think for a second as to how the media works…you gotta spend money to make money!!! Can you imagine how much that they spend!!! But yet people want to be like them…copy them …live like them…but here is reality , you are not them…you are better than them. One day of you re life with real problems and real love is worth 10 of they re lifetimes….always remember that . Fuck you kim kardashian !!!

I’m not going to talk about the bombings in Turkey because I don’t know all the facts and when I hear that the Turkish government  ( if you can call it that) has gotten ” confirmation ” that it was kurdish rebels….I ll wait till an independent source confirms it. Either way it is a terrible loss of life and Turkey needs to get its house in order before E.U. membership 

A 6kg bomb was  detonated by a female sucide bomber in Cairo yesterday which has killed at least 25 people at St Marks cathedral during Sunday service. I personally think this is the worst kind of attack because we here in the west who are Christians are being forced to  take Islamic refugees in to our countries but yet why are the Christians in the Syria, Turkey, Egypt and so on not allowed leave.

Yes you are reading that right the majority of refugees are Muslims because the Christians are not allowed leave. Now the ” Muslim brotherhood” who blame Christians for the “arab spring” overthrow of governments in the region are doing a blood letting of Christians because Christians are the minority and it’s now uncool to be Christian. When is the world going address this problem that it’s not just Muslims who need to flee these wartorn areas so too do Christians . ..but because it is cool to help Muslims at the moment . .what becomes of the Christians. Yesterday’s bombings will only be a start and you will have to look very deep in the main stream media to find information on attacks on Christians. It a sore subject that the west must address.

How the hell did Madonna get” woman of the year”!!!For fucking what ??? The old bitch offered to give a blow job to anyone who voted for Hilary  ( i still have nightmares about that).Madonna was awarded “woman of the year” at a billboard event last night at which the mad bitch got confused as to how to walk and nearly tripped over herself. She then   says when she gets the award  ” I always feel better with something hard between my legs” classy Madonna as always… classy… What the fuck does that have to do with the old bitch getting an award anyway??? Also she’s 58 ….could she please stop talking about sex, why is it I think there is a sex tape in the making…I hope the dude in it ( well I hope it a dude and not a goat) is as old as she is ..if not you have my simpity …. I wouldn’t touch her with a goats Willy!!! yuk yuk yuk

So until tomorrow . …please Madonna just go away…far away…and never come back…ever..ever
Love you all guys and gals . ..

Here is a truly  beautiful woman Tea Leoni . ..

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