Before I get to the above headline…I wanna talk about Kanye West going to see Trump. As anyone who reads my stuff will know  I am a hard core Trump supporter and the amount of abuse he is getting for the people he is appointing is very harsh…give the man a chance. But in the case of seeing Kanye West yesterday I think personally he would have been better off to have been busy rather than meet with Kanye West. 

Kanye West is just out of the nut house, his fame whore wife kim kardashian wants to ” give Kanye the best Christmas ever” he wants a divorce.  It’s all just headline grabbing and going to see Trump was the same….more headlines…”love me I need it”. Donald Trump is a good man and I believe that he met with fore mentioned fucking muppet because Kanye was in the nut house and maybe Trump thought a few good words would help the fucking idiot. What im trying to say is Donald Trump tries to help people ( he once paid off a man’s  mortgage because the man stopped to help him change a tire on his car)but in this case it could well backfire as Kanye West is so fucking stupid he could fuck up a cup of coffee. I hope that Trump doesn’t  meet him again and that Kanye West just goes away…anywhere except here…..for a long time.

In Oaklehoma a 13 year old girl has been arrested because she was planning a mass shooting at her school. Working from a tip off the police raided her house where she had a massed a stock pile of guns and ammunition. There seems to be no apparent reason for why she was going shooting or how she got the guns but what must be so wrong that a 13 year girl wants to kill at random….I can’t work it out. Is it we as older people are to blame because we can’t spot when a girl like this is unhappy or has the system for basically everything become so screwed up that girls like this fall through the cracks until the killings start. For whatever reason at least this girl will get help in time…but for everyone caught and helped there is 10 more kids who see no other option than bringing a gun to school  …” I don’t like Mondays, Mondays always get me down ”

Why is cannibalism so rampant in eastern Europe? In Russia there is a special section in most prisons for cannibals. There was this one guy who killed his buddy …ate a few bits of him then realised that he couldn’t eat all of him …so he chopped him up and gave the meat to his neighbours telling them it was kangaroo!!!!

But yesterday in the Ukraine a guy was arrested for killing his aunt, uncle and cousin…then chopping them up and making stew out of them!!! What a fucking wacko! When police broke into his apartment he tried to kill himself by shooting himself in the head but he made a balls of that and was rushed to hospital…it was then the police found the stew..on the boil. What do you do with a guy like that…I mean what treatment do you give an asshole who is willing to kill, bone, chop up his family and eat them…just shoot the bastard.

What is going wrong with the world where a 13 year old feels her only option is to go killing and a guy kills and eats his family. Has life become so cheap that it is now just measured in the cost of bullets and the cost of  electricity for cooking them. Somewhere along the line we have accepted too much and now we just turn the page to the celebrity section or cookery section. We must address that there is something very wrong with the system to allow these things to happen. Do I have an answer….no…but I have the will to look for one, no matter where that leads.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…don’t kill and eat your family..
Love you all guys and gals….

Here’s sexy Danni Minogue 

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