Jodie Foster has another stalker!!! What the hell is it with Jodie Foster that drives people nuts. Remember the tool who shot Regan to show his love for Jodie Foster ( don’t ask I ve no idea either) he only got out of the nut house this year. But seemly Jodie has yet another one. A woman called Celine Martelluer has been stalking Jodie Foster calling her the love of her life.

Now this is all pretty shocking for me to learn but what’s even more shocking for me to learn is ….Jodie foster is a lesbien..and married to a woman…..I never knew that. Not that it makes any difference but it’s a case of  who isn’t gay in Hollywood now. It seems to be the in thing to be gay in the Entertainment industry now. But back to Jodie. Wtf is it about her that sets the wackos off. I don’t get it. I had a staker once…he thought I was knocking off his wife ( i wasn’t and hadn’t seen her in 20 years) he parked outside my house for 3 days, I used to bring him tea and sandwiches because I felt sorry for him….hard work stalking. Hope it all turns out OK for Jodie and yer one doesn’t shoot Ellen DeGeneres or someone…

Now this story will sicken you….yesterday a guy who plays SANTA claimed that a sick child had asked to see him at the hospital and this guy dressed up as SANTA told the child ” when you get to pearly gates tell them that your Santa’s no.1 elf and they will let you in” and then the child died in Santa’s arms according to the actor playing Santa,Eric Schmitt- Matzen.  The story from knoxville  Tennessee was so heart warming that it spead around the world like wide fire….but there is a problem or problems I should say…no one can second the story and Santa ain’t naming the child, his parents, the nurse who sent for him nor the hospital.

So reporters have gone  and done a bit of digging, they can’t find a child who died in the area on the date claimed, they can’t find any hospital to match his description nor anything whatsoever to back up the story. Further more Santa won’t answer his phone and a spokesman for this Eric guy says that Eric stands by his story. Papers and news outlets around the world have pulled the story and said they can not confirm the it.

What if it’s not true….is this how low someone will sink in order to get thought well of…claiming that a child died in they re arms!!! This is something I brought up before…the need for people to get the 15min of fame no matter the cost. Look at the woman stalking Jodie Foster…her whole life is based around Jodie Foster who is terrified of her. Think about the stalkers family and her friends what must they think. Her life has to be suffering and well let’s face it, she needs help. But here again it’s ” gimme my fame” and now this loser of a SANTA who is so wrapped up in himself and his own importance tells the world that a sick child died in his arms and because he was so good at being SANTA  that only he could give ease to this dying child. I hope that this guy ain’t lying because I ve been in hospital all my life and I ve seen the fuckers who come in to visit in hospital  and expect to be praised for how good they are to visit…that’s not how it works…if your viditing for self praise well your visiting for the wrong reasons….you should be visiting because you want too. I think a good slap up side the head is due for SANTA if this turns out to be a lie.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…don’t stalk Jodie Foster…its too common…stalk someone boring like SANTA 
Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the Irish miss world Rosanna Davidson…

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