“THIS AIN’T NO PLACE FOR NO HERO,GO HOME” why I hate Christmas part-2

I guess another reason I don’t like Christmas is that  the times I’m not sick ,I  work, usually in a hotel or a bar or night club. This is where you see what Christmas means to some people. Look beyond the hot girls out on 2 drinks for the night, the teenagers and students falling face down drunk and the watchers ( you know those fucking weirdos who stand with they re hands in they re pockets and watch everything with the same drink in they hand all night….the kinda cunt who knows how much money you have in your re wallet before you do) look beyond these and you see the Christmas hero’s. 

These are the people who drink around the clock, have an answer for all of life’s questions except how they getting home. Piss heads!!! I can talk about these because I was one, till I had to stop drinking because of my health and then I saw what they really look like in the cold light of day.

For a professional piss head Christmas is the holiday of all holidays because he/she can make a fucking idiot out of themselves and no one cares….it’s all great cric and fun it’s Christmas….right…..wrong!!! What about the people at home who have to pick up the pieces from this piece of shit holiday hero at home. Where does the money come from for the drink …you guessed it …the family. I don’t suffer these fools, to give you an example one Christmas I’m working in a bar in a city..it’s gone closing time and I was ringing a bell to tell people get out…a regular piss head pushed me and tried to take the bell from me ( the bell was pretty big and heavy) I stepped back he let out a string of abuse at me about him being there for years and he was the man or something…I looked at the bell and knew exactly what to do…you can guess what happened…his teeth went one way  I got fired ( the moment I looked at the bell and knew what had to be done i knew I was fired….but I did it anyway). The good point of this story is that this motherfucker had to have his jaw wired shut and as a result couldn’t go to the pub….years later one of his kids said was one of they re best times ever because they had money and didn’t have to listen to the piss head’s drunk rants. Would I do the same thing again…you can bet your ass is would.

Keep this in mind when you think you re the shit at your  10th party in a row and your the last tool to leave.. ” this ain’t no place for no hero, go home” because someone like me might be there….

Before I go…it’s not about the biggest gifts ( God knows I’m guilty of doing that) it’s not about parties and bullshit…it’s about being with people. So say merry Christmas to the hookers on street corners, say merry Christmas the homeless crack heads and the local drug dealers…because no matter our flaws ….. all these have someone they love and maybe just maybe a merry Christmas from you might send them to see that loved one.

So until tomorrow guys and gals..” this ain’t no place for no hero, go home”…
Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the sexy Anne Heche 

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