What the hell is wrong with the world. In Little Rock, Arkansas, a 3 year old was on a shopping trip with his grandmother. Picture it, little guy must have been delighted to be taken shopping for Christmas by his grandmother …when he is shot dead by a random scumbag …for…his grandmother stopped too long at a stop sign and the scumbag got road rage. THE KID IS DEAD!!!! But why isn’t  there world wide outcry??? Instead we get ” kim kardashian still has her ring on”!!!

I ll come back to  take idiot kim kardashian. Road rage over an old woman taking  too long at a stop sign….are you fucking kidding me. I ll go over it again to see if I can make sense of this. The grandmother took the 3 year old shopping…stopped at a stop sign…scumbag thinks she’s stopped there  too long so he gets out of his impala  and shoots randomly into the car killing the 3 year old…the grandmother drives away to save herself and child but it’s too late….and scumbag drives off!!! Where is the fucking sense to this…how can you get the idea in your head to shoot into a car over a fucking stop sign…how….HOW???

I can’t get my head around it. Last month a 2 year old was shot in a drive by …at random!!! No motive. Just like this shooting, neither party knew the other and now a 3 year old is dead!!! Before you move on with your day and say that’s life …think about this. No matter what you do there is only 6 steps of separation between you and any one else on the planet…so what if this scumbag has changed the course of your life by killing this child. Think of the consequences…what if this child was to grow up and become a doctor and save your life one day….what if this 3 year old child was the future partner of you child or unborn child….the list goes on and on.

It’s not just the family of this poor innocent child that is effected ….we all are …we just don’t know how yet or may never, but this piece of shit scumbag who missed the grand mother who was driving the car and killed the 3 year old has in fact changed the faith of the world. If you’re reading this I’m guessing you have some form of intellectual ability and can think deeply on how this effects us all.

So what to do…..I don’t know know and have no answer. Guns don’t kill people …people kill people, so how do you get it across to dumb shit scumbags ” you don’t kill kids”!!! This scumbag is still at large…if you come across him please call the police …..or don’t if you have other plans for him, I won’t judge. Maybe an example needs to be set….”do what thou wilt”

But what makes world wide news ” kim kardashian still has her ring on” so fucking what!!! Isn’t  the silly bitch still married. Why would nt she have the fucking thing on!!!! And she is still recovering from the robbery….according to reports. In the real world people gotta pick up the pieces of crack heads breaking into they re house and stealing everything they have and then taking a shit a on the living room floor….but God knows how many months later Kimmy is still whining  about her robbery!!! Kanye West,fresh out of the nut house, was at an art exhibition without Kimmy  ( first intelligent thing that muppet ever did) but I hope the art on sale was nt his…because Kanye West sticking a crayon up his ass and drawing a match stick man ain’t art. Ah I can talk about these two anymore….Kanye West and kim kardashian …just please… FUCK OFF!!!

So until tomorrow guys and gals  ….please think because we effect each other in this world…..
Love you all guys and gals…..

Here is the completely unsexy except to star wars fans….. Felicity Jones 

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