So it’s the end of 2016 for the Porta Gregor blog because I am on holidays as of from now. 187 and Porta Gregor are coming at you hard in 2017 so watch out, if you thought we got in the face of  people this year you ain’t seen nothing yet….but what have I learned?

Well I learned who my friends were for a first thing and how false people can be. Everything I ve said in 2016 I stand behind and my opinions are my own…but I found that others don’t respect that. Why is it I can respect everyone’s opinion, I may not agreed, but I ll respect your opinion and still go out and have a pint of Guinness with you…but it seems loads of people can’t do that. The main so called friends that won’t talk to me over my opinions are leftie Hillary supporters….namely one in Australia…” G” if you thought I was bad this year….you gonna be sickened in 2017! So I say to people, opinions are like assholes …everybody has got one…respect them, adcept them and  that it’s part of life and that’s what makes life great…we re all different.

The other crazied bunch I came across were the 30 -50 year old single irish women. I never knew how mental this lot could be….they tried to shut me down and force 187 to close but we re still here….10k views later I only have one thing to say…fuck you and the guy you rode in on!!!

As for Christmas…..guys and gals please try to look beyond hatred and social bullshit…there are people who need help at Christmas too. It’s not all middle and upper class stupid jumpers and trees….think of the elderly… the sex workers….the drug additics…the homeless ….the lonely….all the people that Christmas means fucking nothing too. I’m not asking you to run around and kiss they re ass….but a smile and a merry Christmas might get them to see they re flaws and help them see there is still hope and beauty in the world. If you save one life, you save the world.

So until 2017 guys and gals….Merry Christmas and Happy new year, make just one person smile and then you ve earned the right to truly smile yourself..

Love you all guys and gals…..if you ain’t guessed Alison Harvard is my future ex wife….hopefully😀 merry Christmas 


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