OBAMA, THE QUEEN, MARIAH CAREY ,RONDA ROUSEY …GIMME JENNA JAMESON …. 2017 is here so “whatca gona do bout it”

So it’s here 2017…..but it seems that the world doesn’t want to change for the better or basically grow but instead wants to fall back to safety of 2016 or 2015 . I guess it’s easier to look back and read from a script than it is on go forward….but I like adventure, I want to discover, fuck this shit of things must stay the same….I want it all.

Take a look at Obama  and the lefty scum ( yes “G” I’m talking to people like you) for some God awful reason ye are still trying to fuck up America and the world as much as possible before Trump gets to power….97 thousand regulations on laws before he leaves office and leftie groups blaming Russia for Hilary losing….come on get a life!!! Obama let me put this is nice simple terms…you sucked as a president but that don’t matter because you re out going so please fuck off to the dustbin of history or wherever your from …didn’t your birth certificate say you where a woman from Hawaii!!!! And lefties and trendies…..have a shower  of 2017 that’s all I ask.

So some people are complaining that the Queen can’t do the new years day church service because she’s sick…..cut the woman a break for fuck sake!!!! The Queen is like a million years old and everyone no matter how royal gets sick….even lizards. 

Why is Mariah Carey lip syncing a problem for people….do you really think a singer can do a week of shows without a quality deterioration of voice!!! Im a singer….after a week of shows my voice sounds completely different!!! But it looks like the press and tools want just go back to safety and comment of Mariah Carey nonsense  ( when it says on the ticket to the show words to the effect of ” you are coming to see a show not a vocal performance “). Mariah Carey is still one of the strongest women in the world and next to jenna jameson, mariah carey is the woman i respect the most…who cares if she’s bat shit crazy…the line between genuis and madness is fine, I want people to look at themselves and say they are the real stars of they re lives. Rhonda Rousey got beaten in her come back fight in 48 sec…do you think she will spend 2017 sulking over it, you can bet your ass she won’t!!! She ll pick herself up and push a head because that’s what real men and women do.

2017 ….. i say don’t live in the safety of what has been written by years past, if you ve a dream …follow it…if you love someone…tell them….every rule, taboo or nonsense social barrier …break them down…MAKE 2017 YOU’RE BITCH AND FUCK ANYONE WHO SAYS DIFFERENT!!!!

So until tomorrow guys and gals….never give up….
Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s a woman who sums up the idea 2017 for me…miss “fuck with me if you dare”…Jenna Jameson 

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