Wtf does that scumbag Obama think he is playing at!!!! He is the OUTGOING PRESIDENT…..let me repeat that for the thick stupid lefty tendys out there…OUTGOING PRESIDENT…. and what does he decide to do, send nukes and special  forces to the boarder with Russia!!!!This is pure madness…. he claims that its in responce to Russia moving nukes to Kalengrad but let me explaine somethin to you Obama….Russia can move as many nukes as they want anywhere within they re own country because ( now this might be hard to follow you dumbass Obama) ITS THEY RE FUCKING COUNTRY!!!!!!. When America moves troops and nukes up to the boarder of another country that called aggression or sabre rattling. Russia can hit anywhere in the world with nukes from anywhere within in its own boarders (as can America) so moving them is a non issue.I live in the Rep.of Ireland and i dont want to glow in the dark just because some asshole is sad because he wont be president anymore. Im going to say this loud and clear SCUMBAG OBAMA,PLEASE STOP FUCKING WITH RUSSIA!!!!!!….and on a personal note….GO EAT A BAG OF SHIT,YOU SUCK OBAMA!!!!

In the Bronx, a homeless man decided to get revenge on his lover for having unprotected anal sex with him by, first of all stabbing him in the chest, then hitting him over the head with a hammer and then cutting off his penis….oh the guy is dead before you ask. So when the homeless guy is caught he says  he wanted to fry and eat his lovers penis!!! Now before you go away and puke, the most shocking bit is I  ve heard of this being a thing that turns guys on. There was a guy in Australia who asked two other guys to tie him up, cut his dick off, fry it and feed it to him while the other dude fucks him in the ass.These are sick assholes and Im sorry to say that if this type of shit turns you on…. well ….you too are a sick asshole.What about the homeless guy…well i guess he ll get a good  home in the booty house for a long time.

So why is Joe Jackson a scumbag you ask….well its quite simple really…. he always was! He rang and congradulated his daughter Janet (50) on giving birth to a child…he is no scumbag he is a loving caring father….wrong!!!!! 15 minutes before his son wacko jacko died ,Joe was outside “Neverland” with a removal lorry taking valueables  out of his sons house . Make of that what you will. Joe Jackson also lived off wacko jacko all his life but when Micheal Jackson was a child for some reason Joe Jackson kicked him so hard in the balls that it did permanant damage!!! What kinda father does that and then lives off that son for the rest of his life….thats why he is a scumbag and no amount of good wishes changes that. Go help Obama eat that bag of shit Joe!!!!

Last but by no means least is a bunch of angry lefty trendy woman on the march….is there anything more terrifing. Well it all starts one night when a young angry woman writes some angry anti Trump stuff on facebook and goes off to bed.She wakes up the next morning logs into facebook and low and behold she has 200k angry women followers. So what do you when you have 200k angry women….thats right you plan a march on the capitial for when Trump is being sworn in. But heres the thing…why are they angry….fuck knows least of all themselves!!! Im being serious they seem to have no clue as to why they are angry but they are very angry……angry lefty trendy women scare the shit outa me at the best of times so watch out …….

So until tommorow guys and gals…please just go away Obama….

Love you all guys and gals…

Heres the sexy new wonder woman Gal Gadot

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