I’m still sickened by the kidnapping of the disabled white 18 year old man by 4 black people. The mindless screaming of the anti Trump stuff and racist white comments just make me angry. Why would these scumbags pick on a disabled’s because they are stupid lefty trendy black Lives matter cowards. I ve said this so many times that all lives matter….but this hate crime has me rethinking. 

Black Lives matter use as they re idol a woman who killed a cop and now lives in hiding in Cuba. A cop killer that felt that the black panters where too soft that’s who black Lives matter look up too….you sicken me. What is worse is that the lefties and trendies have gone so far anti Trump that they couldn’t admit that the kidnapping and torture of this disabled man was a hate crime….well it fucking is a hate crime. ” G” I hope you read this and when you look in the mirror you puke with the sight of what you ve become 

The four pieces of scum have been charged with a hate crime and I really hope prison is where you get what you deserve. As for black Lives matter….I say this again….fuck every last member of your stupid movement, you have shown by not condemning this hate crime, that you don’t matter and through all your racism against white people I porta gregor will fight you at every angle until your movement is dead. Why can’t you see that all lives matter!!! Lefties and trendies I advise you do not fuck with me today.

Chris Brown and some guy called Soulja Boy want to have a boxing match because of some stupid feud over some girl who’s name I can’t pernounce. To be honest who cares. My money is on Rhianna jumping in the ring and beating the crap outa of these two bitches anyway for free. The thing is that if this boxing match goes a head both assholes will get $1million each. Are you starting to see that this feud is all nonsense and just a money making racket….but hey…black Lives matter…

I ve said this before ….please stop having a go a Mariah Carey over the equipment failure that wasn’t her fault and she tried to continue on like a pro but couldn’t hear the speakers. Is it because she is a strong woman that wimps like Ryan Seacrest have to try to bring her down. Yes the gay erotic poster boy Ryan Seacrest is the latest to have a go at her…Ryan your a loser….you ve always been a loser and you always will be a loser…actually now that I think about your such a loser you could almost join black Lives matter….almost. LEAVE MARIAH CAREY ALONE, SHE IS HARD CORE HARD WORKING WOMAN AND DESERVES RESPECT!!! It’s very easy to mock someone it’s alot harder to give them respect…..Mariah Carey I respect you….Porta Gregor respects you Mariah Carey  so fuck you Ryan Seacrest…I think someone is opening an envelope somewhere Ryan  and needs a fool to talk about how they re dressed while they open the envelope ….loser.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…I’m sickened….
Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s a beautiful woman to light up our day….Connie Nelson 

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