So Meryl Streep….where do I begin, not only is she a wooden actress but even now she has proved she has a wooden personality. She goes up to collect her award for some kinda shite that I don’t want to even know and takes out loads of anti  Trump  speech cards. I’m sure the crowd were going “there is always one who fucks it up for everyone”. 

Now I ve nothing against a celebrity speaking out against injustice or standing up for what they believe in but in this case it’s just fucking stupid. Why….because Donald Trump was ELECTED  president  ( no hacking was done on his behalf but check out Hilarys hackers…..homeland security…look it up you leftie fucks) since Donald Trump has been elected the dollar has gotten stronger and big and small companies have opted to stay in America thus making more jobs for America,and  finally an end put to the nonsense that is Obama care…..but most of all what makes Meryl Streep an idiot is, Trump ain’t taken power yet and this silly bitch is going around shouting what will happen. Same with all these Hollywood fucks who are only interested in money  ( namely yours) and giving themselves awards….I would mention Ellen here but she scares the shit out of me. Why not wait 6 months in to Trump’s presidency and then complain about him. But instead dopey Meryl and the Hollywood ass clowns start throwing stones before anything has been done to upset them. If you notice none of the stars mocked China ….That’s because China now owns all the major studios in Hollywood  ( have you noticed in action movies it’s China who saves the day now) I’m afraid Meryl your out of your depth so fuck off back to shit acting land…oh wait you already have because that’s Hollywood. 

Now this pisses me off 1 million people on Facebook  talking about Meryl Streep but none talking the priest stabbed during mass in Sao Paulo. You ve got to ask yourself what is wrong with us a race that this don’t seem to outrage us. The evangelical pastor valdemiro Santiago  was doing a laying of the hands ceremony when the attacker stabbed him in the neck. The priest then fell back wards holding his neck as blood spilled on the alter. The attacker was over powered and held for the police while the priest was rushed to hospital and got an emergency 23 stitches in his neck….the story could have been alot worse but the amazing thing for me out of all this is the first thing the priest said when he came too was ” may God bless and forgive the person who did this”….now in my eyes that’s a man, fuck Meryl Streep and all those fakes this dude did the hardest thing possible…he forgave his attacker. But us as human beings why are we so clued up with award nonsense that we don’t care about a priest being attacked during mass….there is some crimes that you don’t do…..but here is something worse

A woman and her boyfriend have been charged with the rape and murder of they re adopted 14 year old daughter Grace Packer .  The mother Sara Packer and boyfriend Jacob sullivan  acted out a rape murder fantasy on this poor girl and then they dismembered the body….what kinda shit fucks are these??? But it gets worse…the Sara Packer woman worked as an ” adoption supervisor ” so she was basically the final say on weather you were suitable or not all the while this sick bitch is planning to kill her own adopted daughter. The position paid $45k per year….who vets these people…how did she get past the head shinkers and why didn’t someone that worked with her realise ” hey she’s a sick asshole”

Both Sara Packer and Jacob Sullivan are being charged with homicide, rape, kidnapping and abuse of a corpse and honestly I hope they either throw away the key or just kill them. Can anyone tell me of what benefit these two are to society because I can’t see it…..hey Meryl and your scumbag leftie trendie friends can you tell me of they re good points….be sure to shout them  loud  and clear because  Grace Packer can’t hear you because she is dead!!!

But this is where we all have to ask ourselves why the fuck are we not sickened and outraged. It’s quite simple really it’s alot easier to talk about Kanye West or Ellen or meryl Street, than it is to talk about a  sick fuck who stubbs a priest or a mother and boyfriend who rape murder and dismember a 14 year old  girl. When are we going to look in the mirror and realise the world is a fucked up place and you either go with the flow or go against the grain…..I know what I do but do you?

In other news U2 with be doing another world tour to promote 30 years of “the Joshua tree”. They will play the full album each night followed by usual U2 bollox of Bono talking down to us all “mister ” and telling us what cunts we all are but neglecting to mention that his charity only gives 1.5% of donations to help people the rest goes to help Bono with fuck knows what….now that I think about it he really is a wanker….hey fuck you Bono.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…don’t give anyone anything they can use against you…

Love you all guys and gals
Here’s a sex goddess Natalie Dormer

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