How much more can this tool throw at people. He will go down in history as the worse president ever, Obama care is a joke and he has plunged America into massive debt. Not happy with being that much of a fuck up….his farewell speech was longer than the Regan, Bush Sr, Clinton and Bush Jr farewell speeches put together!!!! Running at a total of 51 minutes this loser referred to himself 75 times. Now let me explain something very simple….if your happy and proud of what you have done there is no need for you to referr to yourself in speeches because you know you have done the right thing….but on the other hand if you know your a fuck up like Obama  ( how could he not know…..I bet his reflection in the mirror hates him) you will need to talk about yourself all the the time and as much as possible.  It’s kinda small penis mentally or the fact that his wife has a bigger cock than he does.

Not only giving the longest speech and mentioning himself 75 times, he didn’t even have the decency to give the speech from the White House, no just like the scumbag he proved to be in the past…Obama decided to give the speech from a hotel….and sell tickets!!!! Why didn’t he just write” I’m a fucking loser” on his forehead….a president selling tickets to his farewell speech, what …was there a raffle at half time with him as the announcer  ” and the winner of the luxury tin of biscuits is a pink ticket number 234….That’s pink 234….we have a winner and I’m with her it’s Hilary Clinton “even he couldn’t  be an honest bingo caller. Look Obama….just please fuck off and take the chick with a dick with you. Also you said you would love to come to Ireland again….did you ever stop to think ” hey maybe I’m such an asshole that the Irish don’t want me to visit ” well there’s that and the fact that the moment you step out of the Whitehouse your a fucking nobody….no one wants to see a nobody visit Ireland….oh just save taxpayers money and go play golf ( oh wait that’s right ain’t they kicking you ass outa that golf club because of what you said bout Isreal….tough shit loser!!!)

Get this….a Tennessee woman has been jailed for more than a year for pleading guilty to trying to abort her 24 week old fetus….with a fucking coat hanger! Let me repeat that..A COAT HANGER!!!now I’m not going to go into the whole abortion rights and wrongs or what side I’m on because I don’t know what side I’m on because I see both points and I don’t have kids….so I just can’t answer where I fall on it. But what has me shocked about this case is that this fucking lunatic stuck a coat hanger up herself and tried to hook out the baby, there has to be some little bit of this wackos brain that says ” hey maybe this aint such a good idea. The woman in question had to go for medical help and that’s when the police were called. But it asks the question of what happens in a few years if she goes full therm and has a baby….if it cries one day is she going to blast it in the microwave!! Where are girls getting this fucked up idea to go around sleeping with random people, trying home abortions and throwing babies away. Does the modern woman have that little respect for herself and her body. I think these leftie trendie feminists would be better served teaching young women how to respect themselves rather than doing anti Trump shit and to the husbands of these feminists….please ask you wife can you have you balls back for a day so you can talk to you daughter….cause mammy too busy telling the world nonsense.

On a lighter note last night saw the opening of ” xxx- the return of xander cage” in London.  Now I have to say well done to Vincent Diesel for his entrance….he landed in a custom painted helicopter with the “xxx” sign burning behind him. The only problem for me is…well….Vin Diesel looks a million years old, I mean he makes bono look healthy and that’s hard to do!!!! So if it comes down to Vin Diesel saving the world as xander  cage ….well…we re fucked because good old Vin  ( and I do mean old) looks like he needs a viarga or 3 to fuck a woman….fuck knows what he needs to save the world..

So until tomorrow guys and gals….keep it hard and save the world..

Love you all guys and girls
Here’s Sienna Miller

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