Madonna first said she would give oral sex to everyone who voted against Trump … you guessed,it back fired and she got Trump more votes because who wants to see Madonna looking up at them from the kneeling position with you dick in her mouth…..yuk yuk yuk….I would nt touch her with someone else’s dick.

But the Material auld one as now flashed the gash…..but this time it’s her pubic hair shaved into the Nike sign and the tweet said ” just do it” and encouraged people to join the other 1.2 million crazy angry women marching on the capital on January 21st. When will Madonna work out that she just ain’t sexy! She has aged badly ( 58) is now dating 3 different guys all 25 or more years younger than her ( guess she gets the cheque) and all round she is just an embarrassment. I did puke when she offered oral sex…..and I puked again at the flash of her worn out auld …..area. It’s all just a cry of ” I’m still alive and still matter” when no one cares.

Now to another sex crazied  OAP this time in Flordia.Get this …..a 70 year old woman has been arrested for prostution , in a salon in Flordia. She charged $70 for a rub down and an extra $60 for sex. Now I don’t care how anyone makes they re money……but what kinda sick fuck says ” jasus, I d love a 70 year old whore now” It’s pretty twisted….even by my fucked up standards.

Have you noticed lately that there is more and more horrible sex fetishism in the news than before. It’s like we re being prepared for something. There will come a time when a 40 year old man will turn up at your door and say ” I’m here to collect your 12 year old daughter for our ….date” and by law you will not be able to stop him. Jokes aside this is where Madonna is playing right into the hand of the perverts ” I ll give you a blow job if you do this” or using her privates as an advertising campaign or 3 boyfriends..she is basically saying to young women that this shit is ok….when it’s not…..I’m just going to say  …… STD’S !!!!!!

Oh Charlie sheen is still mad at Rihanna…but honestly I didn’t even read the article because let’s face it Charlie Sheen is a scumbag and no one cares bout him either. Just another old celebrity saying ” look I’m still alive so I am”. 

Now when I first read this headline ” Selena Gomez kisses the weekend ” I thought “hey the paper fucked up don’t they mean kisses a guy at the weekend but no “the weekend” is really a person. He is this kinda fat black guy with a beard. Now I don’t give a crap who Selena shags ( didn’t she shag Bieber) but this tool ” the weekend” wtf is he, where did he come from….. I could go look it up and look the “Drake ” guy up too cause wtf is he …..but I ve better things to do like play with my balls and try not to think of Madonna. 

So until tomorrow guys and gals….don’t look up Madonna’s area….you ll just puke. 

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the strangely sexy Mary Elizabeth Winstead

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