Have you ever noticed that when you find out you ve been cheated on, the person you loved but when you see them now they look different and you can’t look them in they face because they sicken you. What I can’t work out is why cheaters come back to you and try to look innocent as if to say I slipped and landed on the dudes cock.

Cheaters sicken me because I ve never cheated on any girlfriend ….If I date a girl it’s because I want to be with her and I don’t need “a bit on the side”. But I was dating this girl ( almost married her) and when she found out I knew she cheated she looked at with that fucking stupid face as if she just sucked a lemon ( now I know the truth about her a lemon is the least of the things she would  suck) as if to say ” ya I fucked someone else….so what I’m here now” well I’m sorry bitch if you can’t find the door pick a window.

Why cheat….I don’t get it. All the sneaking around and for what to prove to yourself ” I still got it” go fuck yourself ya stupid insecure muppett. I know this one guy who’s the wrong side of 40 and still thinks he is the man when he fucks a drunk 20 year old college student ( students will fuck anything drunk or sober), all while his wife and kids sit at home. Now if you can tell me what kinda piece of fagot shit does that I ll give you a medal…when he has a beautiful wife who loves him at home.

When I worked as a barman/waiter as a teenager in this back end of no where  hick fuck bar, there was a newly married couple who used to come with they re kid for lunch each Sunday , the girl was beautiful, one of the most beautiful women I d ever seen and still is but the husband was a piece of shit. All the girls working there refused to take his order because ( in front of his wife) he would touch up or grab or just say inappropriate things to the girls working there. I used to see the sadness in the beautiful wife’s eyes and it broke my heart….That’s why I don’t cheat.  The beautiful girl has now left him and guess what, the 56 year old guy is now dating a 20 year old, go figure …..yeah he is an insecure loser.

Then we come to a girl I now, she was in a long therm relationship with a guy but every few days she would fuck some new guy. I don’t know if her boyfriend was stupid or dumb but she would come home in the morning with the smell of another man off her and he put up with it.

What I’m trying to say is if someone cheats on you once they will do it again because they want the “danger ” of the cheat and the stability of a relationship in other words be single and in a relationship at the same time. It’s up to you weather you give them ” second chance” me I say fuck em, give them 5 min to pack they re shit and get out and if they give you “no let’s talk” answer….well reach for your baseball bat and take that fucking stupid look off they re face… put it one way ” go fuck yourself you cheating piece of shit and get the fuck outa my life I’m better than you”

To all Cheaters out there what the hell are you going to do when you discover how far the person you created on is willing to go for revenge. There is a little bit of Porta Gregor in all of us and when you bring it out for  a 3 min cheat fuck…be prepared to reap what you sow.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….cheaters be dated….

Love you all guys and gals
Here’s a girl I don’t know if she sexy or not…..Hayley Williams..

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