What I will never understand about people who cheat in relationships is that they always blame the other person in the relationship ” I felt you didn’t love me” ….”we seem to have drifted apart” or some such nonsense. This is all a load of bollox ….cheaters are just insecure assholes who can’t take responsibility for they re actions.

I ll give you an example from my past….I’m sick alot and need to go to hospital alot, I always explain this at the start of a relationship and say that if they can’t handle it, we can just be friends. But this one girl ” S” said she was fine with it till I was rushed to hospital with my brain swelling  ( long story but I was nearly dead but at the the time I didn’t think it serious) so I get to the hospital and my phone rings it’s ” S”……but instead of asking how I was she started screaming at me down the phone for leaving her with out saying goodbye and what was she to do now!!!! She then said she needed to go out that night because of the stress I caused her. I didn’t mind I trusted her…..but it turned out the moment she hung up the phone she went down to the guy working on her Farm and got a 3 min hick fuck.I found out years later

While we re on the subject of ” S” we were engaged and I was in hospital again……this bitch called it all off by text message!!!! We had no row or anything that day…..that was that. But again later I found out that she was knocked up by another guy and I hadn’t been around to get her pregnant. So basically she was delaying hoping I would die and she could play the grieving girlfriend but when that didn’t happen she knew she had to call it off. It brings me to something else but I ll get to that in a second… many guys was this tramp fucking, she moved in with guy who knocked her up and he even threw her out. But in fairness to the guy he has not once backed away from his duties as a father and I respect that. She should not be allowed raise a child. Of course everything was everyone else’s fault but not hers… I ll get to why cheaters think like that.

Always after a break up there is a fucking asshole bitch or bollox who gets involved because they think they deserve a girlfriend or boyfriend….let me explain something….you deserve nothing in life you have got to make it….life does not owe you a sexual relationship partner!!! So back to the story of me and ” S” a so called friend of mine asked would I mind if he asked her out….I said fine it had nothing to do with me. So he did and she said no  because remember she’s knocked up….”the land the land” ….sorry I have to say this ” S” you whored yourself for “land” that backfired and now you are undatible, unwanted and known as a dangerous whore…..all of which you are….all  by your own doing. I’m more than happy to be friends with her but the guy who  asked her out fucked all that up.

When outside parties get involved in a relationship problem that’s where the knifes come out. This little fat piece of shit took things that I told him as a friend added his own lies and told “S” then he did the same from her to me. This caused massive damage between “S” and me…..all based on lies made up by a loser with no life. Guys and gals you really need to keep an eye out for assholes like this….if you ve been cheated on weather you leave them or keep them don’t listen to stories from shit heads….listen to your heart and then your brain and make up ur own mind.

Now when I’m in a relationship I never cheate….because I don’t need to but if I feel the need for another woman I do the decent thing and break up with the girl I’m in the relationship with…it’s the right thing to do. But get a load of this guy, this piece of shit sits all day in a backward hillbilly bar where he thinks he is the man…..he is about 55 and I just thought he was asshole but turned out he has a wife and kids. The amount of times I caught him with the ugliest of women I can’t even remember….but let’s just say ….these girls you might fuck but you wouldn’t  kiss. So yer man is an alcoholic cheater that’s his business not of mine…..till he took a shine to a 16 year old girl who worked in the restaurant. Some how he got her number and the stuff he asked her was just sick.  The worst one was he text her just after having sex with his wife…..he then asked the 16 year old should he ass fuck “the bitch” while he thinks of the 16 year old. I don’t know who sent it but yes was the text back…..well he did it….hard and rough, the wife left him the next day and he got charged with sexual assault . Can you see the damage outside people can do to a relationship when one in the relationship is an insecure loser. Keep your fucking nose out of other people’s business!!!!

Now this brings me to my final lot of cheaters and there will be women all over the world ready to kill me but fuck it here is goes. I know of three girls who have 5 kids each…..all by different  fathers. These people used be my friends but since my health got worse they don’t want to know me so….fuck em. It’s like a competition with these girls, one kid is black, one kid white, one  is Chinese, fuck knows what the other one is and the last one is three quarters badger!!! All of the above kids are the result of cheating… girl who was after getting married to a white guy gave birth to what he thought was his child….but turned out to be Chinese!!!! The slapper bitch fucked a Chinese waiter on the day of her wedding without a condom and that’s how she got knocked up……women are just as bad or if not worse than men for cheating. 

Why did I call today’s blog  “if you want blood you got it” ….well it’s simple….when your partner comes home after cheating on you and you know it….you should kick them out and move on with your life. You will see the horrible look on they re face as they try to blame you or whine they re way back into your life….it’s up to you to decide. But if you are throwing them out you must back it up…..that means you gotta fight….get the baseball bat, put on your shit kickers and let rip till the scumbag bitch/bollox is gone. On the other hand you decide to stay with them ….still get the baseball bat and while the cheater is asleep let them know you won’t be cheated on again. I don’t encourage violence…..but sometimes…..

Before I go here’s one for you….a guy and girl I know were dating for 10 years…she is now 30….he 32….they were engaged.  But after 10 years the guy cheated on her with a 22 year old and thus called off the engagement  ( after a year of fucking the 22 year old on the side) the girl gave him the best years of her life and he  fucked her aside…..should he be charged with wasting her time….I think so…..but what do you reckon. Your will define who you are and what you think is adcepthed and ok to do to someone by you answer. 

So until tomorrow guys and gals….back to news and stop cheating you stupid assholes…

Love you all guys and gals
Here’s a  beautiful woman  I love….Taylor Momsen 


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