So they ve finally given out a list of the jewellery sold from kim kardashian….and honestly after reading the list, I hate the bitch even more. A total of 13 items were stolen,a ring worth $4m made by Lorraine Schwartz  ( who ever the fuck that is)a collection of diamond bracelets and earrings all either catier, Jacob or this Lorraine Schwartz person ( please tell me how to get her  job ….selling gold shit to muppetts)A gold Rolex was stolen too.

What Im pissed off over is the amount of shit she had in her jewellery box. She got famous for giving some guy ( that no one can remember) a blow job.  Then we have Kanye West….what more can I say than the mear sight of him would encourage you to rob him. The guys that did the robbery were OAP’s except for one guy who was 29 and they just happen to hit the night the bankrupt bodyguard is off ….right….nothing to read into there! Here is my version of events….the boys are out for a few pints and get a bit hammered drunk and the young guy says yer getting old…..this insults the auld fellas and they say let’s rob kim kardashian  ( everything is a good idea after a load of drink)….then it’s just a fuck up from there she has no money so they rob her shit….but unless one of them is a cross dresser it’s no good to them. They wake up next morning with a hangover from hell and go ” Oh shit …..did we really do that”. Kim kardashian goes into the headlines and Kanye goes to the nuthouse….couldn’t have worked better for the pair of idiots…you suck kim ( but we already knew that)

Things are kinda going to shit in the south China Sea and no one seems to care. The Japanese prime minister ( who’s name I can’t spell or pernounce) is in Indonesia and has granted loans to Indonesia of ¥79.9billion yen ( is that the yen symbol???) I have no idea how much money that is but it sounds like alot.

The main reason I can see for these loans is to stop Chinese expansion by default.  The Indonesian navy have basically told Chinese to fuck off out of the south China Sea  ( international waters) and Japan don’t exactly like China either so my enemies enemy is my friend kinda thing going on. China has a blue water navy and under the treaty that ended world war two in the Pacific, Japan is under the protection of America so it’s standing army can’t get too big like when they went wacko in the 1930s and 1940s except they now have passed expansion bills. So what can happen is a war between America and China because of alliances …remind you world war one…no!!!

America marines have been sent to Norway…..why….fuck knows, it’s just more of Obamas nonsense to hand over a political mess to Trump. Why try to start a war with Russia….no one wants a war you fucking idiot Obama…please I beg you just fuck off, the entire world is now sick of you and think your a joke. Go back on bear grills maybe Edward( real nane) grills from the reserve SAS ( how do you be in the reserve SAS,…..”we only choose the best but you sucked so bad you can join the reserve SAS”…..window licker I’m guessing) as your fucking life couch Obama  and then you can get life advise from Vogue Williams too ( look her up….she has a head like a horse when she laughs but great body and legs)

So until tomorrow guys and gals….that is if there is a tomorrow if Obama hasn’t fucked it up for everyone….asshole

Love you all guys and gals 
Seeing as I just called vogue Williams a horse ( sexy horse)here is the sexy lady herself.

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