Wtf…..I mean …!!!! Have we now sank so low that Jennifer Lopez outside the back of a shop is news. It’s fucking jenny from the block, j-lo…..idiot head and according to celebrity news ” she shows us how to do it” do what…wait outside a shop to be kidnapped by a fucking demented uber driver!!!

So there is good old jenny in a pair of stupid looking boots and a thing that looks like a  big jumper…. and fucking celebrity news outlets call this amazing….she looks like  what she is a fucking muppet. Is this what we now call news. The scumbag main stream media call everything that they don’t say ” fake news” but this is the shit that they give you…..wake up!!!!! While you are being dazzled by celebrity bullshit you are being ass raped by trendie leftie fucks like Obama and Soros ….think I’m over reacting…..check this out. 

Scumbag Obama is outgoing but he still keeps trying to fuck up America  before he goes.  His latest fuck up is to appoint 100 of his staffers to federal jobs in which Trump can’t remove them unless they do something wrong. Despite this being a fucking shitty thing to do …I want you to think about this. What if you were in the running for one of these jobs….your the ideal person for the job and fuck it you might even have been given the job…..then along comes a scumbag like Obama and puts one of his buddies in the position who knows jack shit about the job. This is 1984 shit,Obama is the ” eternal jack boot stomping on the face of humanity ” try getting your piece of the American dream with Obama  around. Oh he gave a speech to  the cubs team  and referred to himself 40 times. Fuck off Obama!!!!!

Everybody……meet George Soros. George looks like a fat old piece of shit and in this case he looks like what he is. George has admitted to bringing  down 24 elected governments for his own gain and smiles as he says it. This scumbag has more money than God  ( that’s if God needed money….my God don’t need no cash George ) so he is pretty rich…..but he and a few of his buddies are now offering $2500 per month for stupid lefties and trendies to come to Trump’s inauguration and protest ( hey ” G” you can now be paid for being ignorant, rude and stupid). So are you beginning  to see what’s going on….they will dazzle you with nonsense but then ass rape you before you know it…..wake up and watch out.

I have to say well done to president elect Donald Trump for helping Congressman John Lewis make some money from his boring boring books. John Lewis is the last of the civil rights movement guys left alive since the 60s. I respect him for fighting for rights which were lacking for black people in America during the 60s….but somewhere the almighty dollar got the better of John Lewis and he started writing his life story books….which are so boring that you would read them to children to put them asleep expect you ll fall asleep first. So John Lewis comes out against Trump  ( surprise surprise) and Trump asks him why he doesn’t help his own district which has loads of homeless and crime ( mostly in black areas) and what happens John Lewis books go to number one, two and three, on the Amazon best seller book list. I think John Lewis should say thanks to Donald Trump because without him no one would even know who he is….well done President Trump. 

Oh katy Perry dyed her hair …..fuck knows why that’s news but that’s the shit the mainstream media want you to know because they think you are stupid….YOU ARE NOT STUPID….OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!

So until tomorrow guys and gals….fuck you Obama , Soros , G., lefties and trendies….fuck all you assholes…

Love you all guys and gals…( except the above)
Here’s Emma Stone

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