Can you believe it, it’s finally here….Barrack Obama will be gone in 24 hours. Thank God.  But the filty scumbag isn’t going too far, he is staying in Washington….why ….I have no idea, I mean Obama is about about as useful as an arm growing out of your ass! And for a president so against big walls he  has buildt a 6 ft wall around his house in Washington to keep people out ( but secretly I think they buildt the wall to keep Barrack Obama in, so he can’t spead any more of his bullshit…..did we find out where he is from yet….my money  is on Thailand  and he is a ladyboy !!!)

So good old Barrack Obama gives some kinda shite speech to the press Corp and the reporters did they re best to kiss his ass  ( I think they gave him a ring…not sure)” it’s been an honor” ” what will we do under Trump ” ” it ll all be ok”  and other such nonsense. But in reality what has the press Corp pissed off , is the room where they ask shitty questions has only 49 seats soooooo…there is only 49 press correspondences they look at themselves as the press elite but really it’s just a cushy number and Trump has already said he is moving them to another side of the Whitehouse that can seat 400….soooooo you can see why they ll be missing scumbag Obama because finally real reporters can ask real questions…. and finally the shadow of Obama is going to fuck off.

With only  24 hours to go before president  Trump takes power, the C.I.A have extended they re powers to watch American citizens  ( which basically means the whole world). The N.S.A have been doing this for years in secret so I can only guess what those bastards are doing now…my own personal way to get my own back on them is put my phone facing me when I jerk off that way if they turn the camera on in secret they ll get a hell of a shock.

Guess who ok ed these new C.I.A powers, Obama, but I just don’t care because at least the scumbag is going at last. The reason that these powers have been put into effect is to stop another Snowdon leak ( who has had his visa extended by the Russian government) but then they have declassified some 12k internal  documents but I think this is  just a ” look we re  honest…..promise” attempt. The thing that nobody seems to want to point out is the C.I.A. has no domestic charter so why are they getting powers to spy on American citizens? What’s the quote about the C.I.A ” question: why doesn’t any one from the C.I.A. ever use the word “the” before saying C.I.A? Answer: would you use the word ” the” when referring to god” That’s what they think of themselves….be afraid be very afraid. 

El corpse head Johnny Depp was given the movie icon award last night at the peoples choice award. Let me give you a few things to look up about this weirdo….the west memphis three….the viper room….the death of river phoenix….all the gay roles…beating the beautiful Amerber Heard….his fucking life in general. But hey he is an icon….ya….not to me. This is why I always tell people that it’s rich celebrities who look up to us because we don’t need awards or bullshit like that. We have free will and don’t need a spot light.  Always remember you are ten times the man or woman that these people are, they are slaves to fame….you are no slave!!!! Don’t become one one.

Before I go, I ve been listening to alot of Alanis Morissette lately and I always wondered why is took so long for her to come back with another album… turns out she got fucked over by her manager to the tune of $5million for the great album  “jagged little pill”. If a manager is offering you a record deal he is usually making more money from you than you are….That’s why I ve broken the nose of one manager who offered me a shitty contract with an excellently placed head butt on my part and broke the arm of another by accident  for offering an even worse contract….why ain’t I in jail….simple as this,if it ever went to court and a judge saw how bad they re contracts were and what leeches these “managers” are ….I’d probably get a medal.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..time is running  out Obama…..  nah nah nah ..nah ….hey hey hey ….. GOODBYE ..nah nah nah…. nah ….hey hey hey ….GOODBYE…

Love you guys and gals
Here’s a woman that  people find sexy but does nothing for me….Emily Blunt.


  1. My goodness, I cannot decide whether you’re ignorantly blissful or just obtusely crass in your tirade. Not only are you all over the place but you’re actually just erroneous AND (worst of all) contradicting yourself. If you truly expect who might’ve read that (just me) to believe you beat up your managers then you’re deluded too. There WERE NO managers…there WERE NO contracts. Oh by the way, can I assume that by posting dozens of photographs of a woman you can’t stand you speak with forked tongue and, instead, actually fancy her quite a bit? So by that rationale, your diatribe against Barrack Obama actually means you admire him? Well done son


    1. Ah…..i comment back but i really dont know what your saying. Yes i have attacked managers ( why you think im not signed) … 95% contracts where i make 5% on my own work and some fat manager makes 95% …. not for me, and i dont like pushy managers/ agents. If you think i admire Obama well you should read my last post. Just because you might sign the first contract that comes along ( and i dont judge …its you re business) people like me dont… thank you for youre input


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