Yesterday I asked people to show restraint, to protest peacefully, to voice they re protest in a peaceful way but no.The level of hate that was on Facebook last night was awful even by my screwed up standards. I ll get to the rioting later but first social media 

” if you voted for Trump you should buy a gun and kill your wife , kids and then yourself” or ” I’m setting up a page to rape lvanka….who wants in” or ” Trump is worst president ever” or ” I’m going to kill myself because Trump is president “!!!! The hate just oozed out of Facebook book last night ….I asked the guy about shooting the family why should I….answer I got  …..” I hope your girlfriend gets raped and I’m the one doing it” well my girlfriend is a beautiful Swedish girl and if you tried to harm her …you ll never be found, there ain’t no scumbag Obama or Angela fucking Merkel to let you off on ” active citizenry ” you fuck with my girlfriend you will have no where to hide weather your a white hillbilly hick or black Lives matter scumbag or some fucker fished out of the Mediterranean it all ends the same…..welcome to the real world. As for “rape Ivanka ” where are the 1.2million  woman to stand up for her….” G” your a woman and this is what you ve sided with…” the eternal jack boot stomping on the face of humanity ” . Lefties and trendies get your people under control  because posting that shit on face book is awful.

Why can’t protests be peaceful, the world asked  for the anti Trump movement to please show the human side and step up as men and woman and voice your opinions peacefully…..but no. Just look at the pic’s of the limo burning….did you stop to think that the limo is probably hired, so some ordinary guy trying to make a living owned the limo and now it’s been burnt out thus leaving him without income till its replaced by insurance which he won’t get full value for because it happened during a riot….for all you know he/she could be a Hilary supporter. 

Burning the American flag…..when I was growing up you only did that if you declared war on that country. I grew up in the 80s and 90s in the Rep. Of Ireland at the hight of the troubles and trust me America you don’t want that in your country. Please think.

What I can’t work out is where are the celebrities calling for peace are  or these 1.2 million women marching calling for peace are ….they ain’t anywhere because they support the riots.  I don’t like celebrities getting involved in ordinary people’s lives because they feel because they are known they can look down on us…as a celebrity you have a moral duty to ask for peace why ain’t you? As for you fucking bunch of auld bitches marching all over the world for fuck knows what reason you are just as much to blame as the guys rioting because you didn’t try to stop it. So to use my father’s saying ” March away be fuck” because no one gives a fuck about you stupid auld biddys.  And if your husband is with you marching….could you please give him back his balls….I think they are in your handbag. 

As for de -Obama ing the white house, on day one Trump has scrubbed climate change, civil rights, immigration and healthcare pages from the white house website but before you smelly leftie trendie fucks get your knickers in a twist the pages will be back up on the site in a day or two just revised to Trump policy.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….for fuck sake give the man a chance…..and please stop rioting, it’s not right and your hurting the ordinary people 

Love you all guys and gals….( even the lefties and trendies except “G”)
Here’s the woman who tried to kill batman…the stangely sexy Marion Cotillard….( I can’t remember, did she kill batman and he came back as a bum in the guise of Ben afflect)

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