Dear God is there anything worse than a bunch of crazied women decending on your town to fight for rights they already have. Where were all these women when female Trump supporters were being spat on and attacked  by men or where were these women when Muslims raped white women in Europe….where was the fucking March then….it was fucking nowhere because there was no nice headlines in it but the hatered that woman have for one man unites them all. How bout this ladies( and I use that therm loosely) try telling teenage girls about sexual protection or fucking  10 guys in a night might give you an std or cheating is fucking filty because you can spead stds or get knocked up or instead of having a baby at 16,go out and get a college degree and then a job and from there plan a life . To be honest I’m sick of all you leftie trendie bitches and how you treat people  because you don’t stand beside the women who need help. I saw a guy hit a woman in a car park…. I walked over with a wrench and laid him out….because it was the right thing to do…but 5 women had seen the woman getting hit and did nothong nor said anything but they did gossip about me later . Go fuck yourselves because people are sick of your whitewash protest nonsense instead of hating Trump why not try and stop so called ” refugees ” from attacking and rapeing white women….and please give your husbands and boyfriends they re balls back or allow them an opinion too!!!

Where does all this hate come from. Scumbag Obama says that ” the white house is only on loan” this coming from a guy who had a 6 % approval rate when leaving the white house. He also is trying to take credit for all the work Trump did as president elect….to put it another way Trump did more in 8 weeks than Obama did in 8 years. But yet Obama goes on about his legacy…..what legacy!!!

Everything that Obama did while in the white house needs to be undone…..America needs to come first as does any country dealing with America.  My own country of the Rep of Ireland when making deals with America must do its best to get the best outcome for ireland….everybody wins.

So why the hate….I can’t really work it out , every person I ve asked has told me to ” fuck off” because they have no answer and while they have a massive message of hate posted. Calling for women to be raped….why ain’t the crazied bitches marching over that….honestly today I’m just sick of this shit. And Ashley Judd that fucking poem sucks.

I’m going to ask again….please can  the anti Trump movement get your people under control. Women marching ….you have the rights that you are marching for ….March to stop women having walls pushed on them and for scumbag Muslims to stop rapeing white women and getting away with it…because if that doesn’t stop it will be people like me who will stop it and no March can save anyone then. California if you want to leave the union gimme a shout….I ll help you pack.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..I hope sense prevails but I know it won’t and I ll have to listen to these crazied bitches for weeks….here my poem girls…” kiss my ass right in the crack”

Love you all guys and gals  ( except “G ” your a tool ….wake up)
Here’s a beautiful woman  I had forgotten about….Shakira 

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