Normally just the sight of Brittany Spears is enough to get me turned on ( look I’m sorry…I would get up on cracked plate…I’m a sick weirdo and I think she’s hot) but she has gone back doing her residency in Las Vegas just like fat Elvis did in the 1970s and she seems to have taken to wearing leotards like cher in the 1980s. Now I don’t know if it’s just the colour of these leotards or what but they do nothing for me…..because I used to date a dancer and it’s very unsexy to peel a woman out of a leotard because they kinda get stuck up every where If you know what I mean. Brittany also had to have her tickets reprinted to say ” you are coming to see a dance performance and not a vocal display” in other words Brittany will jump around on stage throwing shapes but memimg to songs. She is a stunning woman but before you think ” hey I’m a cocky bastard….maybe I could pull Brittany spears “this is her boyfriend…..fuck sake you would be beating him all night and then he would laugh at you and kill you. But Brittany if you want a 10 stone weakling…..Porta Gregor is here for you and you can hit me baby  all the time.

In San Francisco anti abortion groups did they re annual March and guess what ….they praised President Trump. This coming after a weekend of wacko women shouting  about “pussy power ”  who were attacking President Trump for God knows what reason, it’s refreshing to see that the pro President Trump people still have a voice. 50,000 turned up at the annual March and they timed they re March so as not to clash with the crazied bitches march.  The main reason for this isn’t fear it’s simply to allow a cities police force manage both Marchs. It’s called respect. None of the 50000 rioted or got violent and none of the women referred to they re vaginas… dirty old Madonna who referrs to hers all the time…..I still puke at the thought of her giving me head….I wonder which of her 3 boyfriends has to kiss her first when she’s finished down there.

A teen on the subway in new York  decided to set a sleeping man on fire for no reason and just stood there laughing as the man was alight. I ve been through this and it ruined my life…..a guy threw petrol on me and lit it and could hear him laughing as my legs burned. The smell of your own flesh burning never leaves you, the guy never saw the inside of a cell and I was award €100k  except the scumbag ain’t paid one penny …..”M” I hope you read this…..I saw your woman and fuck it dude, you d need every penny to feed that fat bitch…..have a bag of flour on me fucko…..oh AND WHERE’S MY MONEY FUCK HEAD!!!!!

Now that I ve that out of my system let’s get back to the story….the man got the flames out but suffered bad burns …..but the fucking weirdo kid just stood there laughing till he got arrested. What kinda sick asshole is this guy or what the fuck is wrong in his life to do this….. how is it funny to watch someone burn alive. For me it always reminded me of war crimes by the Nazi’s…..and until you ve experienced the pain and hatred don’t talk to me about these attackers good points or mental troubles…..for me the answer is simple with what to do with this kid…..set him on fire…..I’d let the €100k slide in order for ” M” to feel what I felt. Oh and ” M” fuck all your friends and family too ( sorry had to get that in there….I feel good now)

Finally  Ashley Judd wrote a poem called ” I’m a nasty woman ” for the anti Trump March…..but all I ve to say on  that is name the last movie you saw Ashley Judd in……waiting…….still waiting……still  still waiting… point exactly…I can’t name one either.  Fuck Ashley Judd

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..let’s move on with the world instead turning wacko over President Trump…..oh and ban leotards 

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the down right sexy Amy Smart 

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