Riots have been going on for ten days in the Alcacuz prison in Brazil and thus far it has claimed the lives of 26 people. But must shocking of all is a bunch of guys made a video of where they roast a fellow inmate over a fire and boast about eating him….they don’t even bother to cover they’re faces!!!! There has been a mass increase in the numbers of crimes involving people killing and eating other people  in resent years….so much so that most countries have separate prisons for these weirdos. What the fuck would make you want to look at someone and say ” jasus I’d love to eat her” … I look at a woman and usually say ” jasus I’d love to shag her” I guess I’m normal after all. But what has me wondering is will you be able to walk into a butchers shop in 50 years time and order a human….you know that these fuckers will do in the future,claim they ve rights to eat people and people will be afraid of the racist card being played and allow them to eat people. Fucking weidos

6 kids have been badly injured in a shocking fire that broke out in a slum of Mumbai in India. The key word here is slum… why is there a slum in a country that can afford nuclear weapons. Shouldn’t the safe housing of they re population be the first order of business. I know they will say that Pakistan has nukes but they re wackos anyway and they won’t use them on India because of fall out blowing back on them….you don’t shit on your own doorstep kinda thing. I personally don’t like India as a governed country because it will not stand up to endangered animal poaching. So you have a bunch of backward fucked up hillbillys hunting tigers for they re skin. In 20 years time there will be no wild tigers, and honestly i think it is fair game to go into one of these villages that are doing the poaching and do a little poaching for the tigers. The majority of Indian people are beautiful kind people but as a country you need to get your shit together…..2017 and people dying in slums…..2017 and assholes killing endangered big cats. You are fucking up your own country and it will be the world that will have to pay the price.

Finally  ( sorry bout short blog today but news is shit and I’m tired) there is going to be a biographical movie released in February of….get this….the  life of Britney Spears. And Britney ain’t happy ( when you see the head on yer one playing Britney you will understand) Look it’s bad enough we have to see her in a fucking leotard  ( I had a fucked up nightmare bout that last night) but a movie going back over the time Justin timberlake rattled her and she shaved her head or the time she married that poor bustard for a day….it’s going to be torture.  Who is playing good old Britney….fucking knows….but she don’t look like Britney……it sets one of those shity  made for TV movies I think ….I hope.

Oh they re not going to pay lady gaga for the half time show at the superbowl this year . No idea why but it’s a step in the right direction….Shur  the lady is a tramp so she can dig up poor old Tony Bennett again.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…I’m fucked up…

Love you all guys and gals
Here’s a woman who does nothing for me but being the nice guy that I am….if she took me to dinner and treated me nice id give her the jump….Rihanna 

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