I know I can’t believe either… manuel noriega is like the man they couldn’t kill. Not only being a complete asshole and general around wanker….he was also one on the biggest coke heads  on the planet. I mean this guy could snot your coke from across the room. He also survived being friends with George Bush Sr  ( not many people can say that) but also survived the drug wars, the American army and well…his own people because he was a complete and utter bustard. I thought he was dead…seriously…I thought he was dead after they dragged his ass out of the Vatican embassy after forcing them to listen to motley crew 24 hours a day for a week ( I mean you can only push a priest so far before he said “get your sweaty ass out of here noriega and tell em to play pattern this motley crew shit is killing us”….but no. It seems he was locked up all this time and now he is being left go home ( he still has a house???) to get ready for brain surgery ( Manuel noriega has a brain????….this shit is deep) we wish you all the best and speedy recovery Manuel so they can lock your crazy ass up again and by the way just in case you die all of us here would like to say ….go fuck yourself …..fucker

Another teenage girl has committed suicide live on Facebook this time in Miami. For two hours the girl ( 14) broadcast live on Facebook about what she was going to do before fashioning a noose out of a scarf and hanging herself on the shower rail. I hope that this does not become a ” thing” to kill yourself online….please I beg you talk to someone even if it only lasts for a day …take it one day at a time. I ve been there and it’s hell…but as the saying goes ” if your going through hell…keep going”

This girl ( which I won’t name but has been named) was a happy kid, who wanted to write a book about her life. No reason is known why she would want to kill herself. Why…..I don’t know. She was a beautiful girl with her whole life ahead of her…if anyone can give help to the police as to why she did it please come forward and if anyone knows of someone who is in trouble please tell someone so as help can be gotten in time….save one life you save the world

God dam lefties and trendies  ( you listening “G” ) the next one of you to call me a ” fucking white male ” when I ask why are you anti trump…..I’m going to give em a slap too . You can not go around humping people with your waist ( it’s shoving but not in the legal therm ) and not expect them to react. So to the lanky spoty weirdo in the car park this morning ….im sorry but your a guy and if you start rubbing you Dick off me while calling me a fucking white male….im going presume your a fag and you want to ride me  and ( like what happened) I’m going to kick the fucking shit outa you.Then this guys girlfriend starts screaming ” fucking white male” ( both of these two idiots were white and irish) as people walked past and said ” shut up you silly bitch your irish”. You got to remember this is Ireland not San Francisco ya fucking leftie clowns.

But the thing is I am a fucking white male and proud of it and screaming it into my face as an answer to a simple question is just going to annoy me. Why have you lefties and trendies got no answers and why are you trying to beat up women….I don’t get it. The poor asshole this morning thought he would show off to his smelly girlfriend  ( did you ever notice all leftie women smell) but instead when I tapped him he started crying ….I mean seriously he was a grown man ( 30 ish) and he started fucking crying….amazing what turns some women on.

But back to president Trump, TPP…gone, Obama care….gone, tax cuts ….being finalised and brought to the floor….refugees….stopped until better methods of dealing with them in place. That’s more that Obama did in 8 years. The America first policy may make China the world leader for a while but so what China owns half the world as it is and now has a blue water navy….so why not use this time to build up America and every western country with it.  I say well done president Trump.

Finally I think this is so funny….Ed Sheran has asked James blunt to join him on tour. Why is it so funny ….well considering both guys sound like they are having they re balls  put through a mincer when they sing….what else is there to do but laugh. ” your beautiful Ed….no your beautiful James…no your beautiful Ed….no your beautiful James ” that’s going to be one hell of a gig.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….this is a fucking white male signing off..

(  that’s just fucking creepy)

Love you  all guys and gals 

Heres the down right sex goddess Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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