OK seriously WTF is up with Shia LaBeouf.  Australia day has been around for ages and has not……oh I ve just been told Shia LaBeouf was arrested for attacking a guy at an anti Trump rally. Sorry Australia I knew there had to be something wrong there but Shia LaBeouf is so bat shit crazy I wasn’t 100% weather he hated Australia now too.

So Shia LaBeouf…..I think he is a pretty good actor and I like his movies I may not agree with his politics but he is a good actor none the less and I respect his anti Trump feelings because everyone has a right to an opinion I just just do not how he shows them. Shia LaBeouf was arrested last night for attacking a guy over politics….and I think the guy was anti Trump too. Shia  LaBeouf goes around screaming  ” he will not devide us” and has generally been acting the asshole for the last few days. It’s like he wanted to be arrested. Who the “us” is his slogan I have no idea ….but hopefully Shia knows. He was arrested in new York held for a couple of hours ….police just decided he was tool and left him go…well done Shia LaBeouf you fight like a girl and even the police laugh at you.

Today is Australia day….and what does that mean…. ah  well I’m not sure. It’s a celebration of when the first fleet of ships arrived in Sydney I think…..but didn’t the English just basically destroy the country and take it from the local people and then fill it full of convicts most of em irish. I’m a big ” Ned Kelly ” fan, after being shot and he was being brought away on the train knowing he was caught and going to be hanged he said ” such is life” I love that ….That’s why I love Australia.  It’s the spirit of its people and I’d like to take this opportunity to appoligse for the wave of fuck muppets from Ireland that visit your country every year on a year out trip and all the time there hang out  with irish people…I know I don’t get it either..if I went to Australia I want to meet stunning Australian women and meet local Australian people not some fucker I wouldn’t talk to here in Ireland ….we re a small country and I know it’s a big ask but please can you keep these idiots ….please.

Australia day is a great idea….celebrate the country, bring cultures together, have fun….but it should not be on the 26 of January. Not the day that Australia suffered the arrival of the land hungry Britain and then got stuck with them. Please change it to a date that is respectful of all the cultures that live in the great land of Australia. 

Now this is where I freak out….in Sweden 2 afghan men raped a woman live on Facebook. Let me repeat that….2 AFGHAN MEN RAPED A WOMAN LIVE ON FACEBOOK!!!!! This  is what Europe gets for  taking in unvetted  ” refugees “. You want open boarders you stupid bitch Merkel….well here it is….yet another woman raped by these filty pieces of shit who YOU let cross into Europe without any checks. 

The 3 hour rape of the woman was broadcast live on Facebook and was only stopped when police arrived as a woman was able to identify the apartment from the video. So what to do with these two poor afghan refugees who have suffered so much that they have to rape a woman….shoot them..Bury them in unmarked grave and then piss on it. As you may have   guessed i don’t like open boarders and I fucking hate rapists.

Finally President Trump does it again, he just seems to be on fire. He told Mexico ” hey your going to pay for the fucking wall” and he has called off the meeting with Mexico till they show some respect and he is dam right. Here’s the thing….Mexico has a wall basically all around it southern boarder  to keep out Venezuela  and Guatemala. So if they can afford that wall well sorry guys you can well afford a wall with America….play time is over Mexico there is a real man in the white house….well done president Trump…again.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….remember to piss on your local rapists grave.

Love you all guys and gals  ( except rapists and “G” gimme a reason for open boarders now dumbass)
Heres a Victoria secret model that could well be my favourite model ever ( sorry Alison Harvard) and organisations is she beautiful…. miss Stella Maxwell  ….

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