Here’s the thing Mexico is responsible for creating super meth ( one hit and your body becomes additiced …then 5 year death sentence…just check out the San Francisco meth zombies) so I don’t give a fuck if  the good old Mexican president  Enrique Pena Nieto feels disrespected by President Trump. Let me explain this to you Enrique, your fucking filty poison has now gotten in to my country of Ireland because our navy is too busy giving each other medals for fishing rapists and terrorists out of the Mediterranean. The super meth came into Ireland  on Mexican flagged cargo boats….maybe God forbid there might me a real Mexican official on the out going customs who might not sign a manifest for once properly  and maybe then the world would take you seriously. Your country is a fucking dump but yet you have some of the richest people in the world living there, your main export is illegal drugs and kidnapping….but yet you want us all to feel sorry for you. You have built a guarded wall with Venezuela and Guatemala to keep them out so I hope America screws every penny out of you for a wall with America. Maybe then Enrique you can start to make up for the lives your country has ruined with your uncontrolled export of drugs.  That thing you talk to the drug cartels on Enrique  is called a telephone pick it up and talk with President Trump and dont look to me for simpity, I’m with America….fuck you Enrique ,pay for the wall!!!

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, plans on answering the first call from President Trump over the weekend. Although both sides know that mending the damage done by the scumbag Obama administration with trade sanctions and bans from international money markets will take a long time , at least it is a start. These are two of the most hard core men on the planet and they want the best for both they’re countries so I view  this as an open step in the right direction. Hilary Clinton would still be going on about breaking though the glass ceiling at this stage but President Trump seems to be backing up his words. I think the only thing that Hilary might be breaking is….out of federal prison because the C.I.A,F.B.I.AND N.S.A. are fucking pissed with her over the emails so here’s hoping they lock her up for good.

Singer lily Allen has put her foot in it again just like all the anti Trump celebrities. I really like lily Allen’s music she is a cool song writer and performer…but like must celebrities….thick stupid. She read on a poster at an anti Trump rally that ” fags hate Trump” so she decided to go around chanting that….but here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter what sexual ordination someone is, it’s they re view that counts as a person. I’m straight and I ve my views but a gay man might have the same views as me but according to you lily all gay people hate Trump so are you saying that I must hate a gay guy because all gay people are ment to hate Trump ( that pre judging and I don’t do that) or are you saying miss Allen that you can’t be gay  unless you hate Trump!! It’s a pretty terrible thing to say and she won’t appoligse for it. To me it makes no difference what a man or woman does in they re own house or time….it’s they re business and none of mine. I respect views and people who stand behind they re views….we all have an opinion on thing but we can all still be friends.

But not celebrities it seems. Madonna said she wanted to blow up the white house, Shia LaBeouf got in a fight with a fellow anti Trump supporter, Ashley Judd wrote a poem that is so crazy that even the real wacko anti Trump supporters told her to fuck off. And now lily Allen with this pure message of hate. If some gay people don’t like Trump….great that’s they re right….if other gay people support Trump….great that’s they re right….and if another lot of gay people couldn’t care less about the whole lot….great that’s they re right. Don’t let dumbass celebrities guide your thinking no matter what side of the Trump matter you are on and most of all don’t listen to these people who tell you that because of your sexual ordination you must think a certain way….it’s your mind and your body  and only you can use it the way you want.

Finally it’s Chinese new year….I have no idea what that means but it’s the “year of the rooster ” meaning its the “year of the cock”which leads nicely into my  weekend piece about how modern men seem to be putting they re balls into they re wives handbags …..and not getting them back….ever. Should be fun weekend.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….be careful where you put your balls…you may never see them again.

Love you all guys and gals 
Here’s a woman I know nothing about other than she is as sexy as hell….Alison Brie 

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