What has happened to us guys, it’s like over the last 20 years we ve lost our masculinity and now allow women to make our decisions for us. I’m not talking about that guys should be violent towards women ….im talking about how us guys are now controlled by ” pussy power” and some men are so under the thumb that they allow women think for them…give them they opinions  and expect guys to take it. It don’t work like that, both sexes are equal and anyone who trys to be in control of another is just a control freak.

I ll give you two examples….I dated this girl who had the cheapest worse underwear ever so one Christmas I went  to a lingerie shop ( it was more a really nice women’s underwear shop rather than a Ann summers shop) so I bought her a voucher for €500 to get what she wanted…..she looked at me with the stupid upper lip raised at the corner and then went off to an ann summers shop and spent near €1000 on the most unsexy stuff ever..the whole point was ” how dare you as a man do something like that….I ll show you” . This same girl used to give the same stupid look when I didn’t agree with her….and well when she got knocked up with another guys kid she looked at me with that same stupid twisted face as if to say ” I’m woman I can cheat and you as a guy must deal with it” so I did….I hate cheaters and I had told her that if she cheated I would leave and never take her back. Well long story short she tried the ” I’m a strong powerful woman and I control you males” with other guys some put up with it…last one threw her out and now she sits at home bitter and twisted hating men….hate yourself luv because your the problem 

Another girl I dated from Estonia was the coolest most beautiful girl ever….she could row with you with her fingers nails but was so dam beautiful I didn’t care. She loved being a woman, loved everything girly and omg when she was in just her underwear….let’s just say she had the best collection of underwear ever. She respected my views and I hers …except one she asked why I didn’t hit her, that in eastern Europe that’s how a male shows his love….by hitting a woman, I can’t do that because I believe dating someone means your equal. This was another way a woman to take control….by getting me to do something I didn’t want too  and then she would have control over me if I did because she would be the  victim

I’m a guy who loves women and honestly I get my heart broken more often than not but I will not look at myself as a slave to a woman nor will I look as a woman as below me or think I control her. We re equal. so why are women looking for a man whose balls they can take and why are guys so easily convinced to hand over they re masculinity….simple….sex.

When certain women reach 30 they ve been through they re tramp years and probably have had some bad relationships ….and suddenly they decide ” I’m a powerful woman and I won’t be treated badly again” and they re right except they go to far and look for a guy they can control…thus taking his balls and keeping them in they re hand bags. Then we come the guys….there is 3 types of guy the one like me who love women and want an equal relationship and basically respect the woman’s views and she mine  and we agree to differ….OK let’s fuck and trust me when we do its the best sex ever because we are equal. But then we come to the other two types …one was a Jack the lad type in his early 20s loads of sex and women but as he has gotten older less sex less women and low an behold along comes a 30 something beautiful woman showing interest…he getting sex again….the price is his balls…he ll hand em over in a second because he thinks the world is just sex and he is afraid he won’t get any sex again. The other type is the afraid guys… know them….never had a girlfriend and are so afraid they ll be alone and people will talk about them that they ll put up with any amount of shit from a woman….thus balls to handbag again. I feel so sorry for these too types of guys….to be honest most gay men have the equality bit in relationships nailed. Probably because both people have gotten abuse all they re lives and know how to respect each other…and although you ll never turn me gay guys  ( sorry I know I’m hot) I respect how ye do things….well done….and  you have my respect. 

So until tomorrow guys and gals…tomorrow we will look at male celebrities with no balls

Love you all guys and gals 
Here’s my future ex wife ( again) Alison Harvard….

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