Yesterday we slamed Victoria Beckham for her ridiculous clothes and the way she never smiles, but today we gotta hand it to her. A few years back her husband, soccer player and around dumbass David Beckham was short listed  for a knighthood by the Queen, that was until the Queen was told that David was a tax cheat. It’s has something to do with a  massive tax avoidance thing with him and other people with a company called Track Productions Ltd. Thing is Victoria Beckham was  also involved with her fashion lable. 

This is where we say well done  Victoria Beckham( and it’s not often we will do that). The  whole idea of this knighthood stuff is bollox anyway and most of the people who have gotten them over the years have broken so many laws it’s too hard to count. Not forgetting the Queen herself who let’s face it breaks every fucking law there is. No we say well done to  Victoria Beckham because here at 187 we believe it is up to you to pay the right amount of tax. We don’t want you to break laws  in anyway what so ever but you should always  look  at the amount of tax  you pay carefully and if there is a legal way for you pay less then use it and that’s what Victoria Beckham did. She broke no  laws ( except crimes against fashion and smiling) so give her  the fucking auld knighthood…..hang on why is she getting  a knighthood….fuck knows or cares….Well done  on the tax Vicki 

In Paris riots have broken out in one  of its poorer apartment block areas because police are accused of…..this even sickens me….rapeing at man with a batton while trying to arrest him. The most shocking thing is I ve heard of this before. During the troubles here Ireland in the 1980s a way of keeping men quite if there police  forces had beaten them  up was to rape them with an iron bar  and then threaten to tell everyone that the they were gay.

Paris is not new to  riots…..I grew up watching them  on TV.  Unfortunately for Paris there seems to be no middle class areas. Most apartment blocks are either super rich or super poor and your ve guessed it…..the police want to keep the super rich happy so the poorer areas will always be targeted. Don’t get me wrong follow any crime in Paris and you ll end up at the these poor apartment areas at some point.  These apartments have some of the best people in Paris living in them…..I mean the real Paris people, the old, the artists, the catacombs nutters….the people that  make Paris the fucked up wonderful place it is …..but….these apartments are also home to  the drug dealers, the human traffic scum, the filt that every large city has. But police can not under any  circumstances rape a guy with a batton. Once the police resort to these tactics its like letting a rabid dog loose that infects every one because people will lose trust in the police force and fight. These riots will continue  and unfortunately I can’t blame them. What if it was a member of your family or friends  that had a police batton rammed up his ass. It’s a black mark against France especially since gay rumours have appeared today in its election race.

What the fuck are NATO playing at. Yes I know President Trump said he was going to cut funding for NATO and that the members should pick up more of the tab themselves but dear God what the Germans are organising is like mobilisation for fucking war. NATO are doing some kind of stupid war games and building up forces in Lithuania….62 miles from the Russian boarder!!!

Of course Putin has upped the alert level of his military and put SAM missiles on alert….WTF are  you meant to do when a massive coalition of armies is knocking at your door. Germany seems to be the  idiots pushing these games ( I guess fucking up all of Europe by letting every terrorist from fuck knows where in wasn’t bad enough) in a show to president Trump that ” hey look what we can  do” ….but it will just start a war for no reason.  What’s more scary about this is that more and more divisions of troops from NATO are being moved into  eastern Europe…..to stay!!!! Why???? Keep an  eye on this guy and gals because wars start when armies are too close together.

Tara Palmer Tompkins has  died. I’m pretty saddened by this as I always fancied the mad “it” girl. She partied like no tomorrow and she shagged whoever she wanted. She was even mixed up with  the royals at one stage. She revealed that she was suffering from a brain Tumour not so long ago and she was found by  police in her apartment. Yes she had it all at one stage but death makes us all equal. From all at 187 we offer her family and friends our deepest sympathy 

So until tomorrow guys and gals….goodbye Tara Palmer Tompkins 

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s a woman who seems to only get more beautiful with age…the omg gorgeous…Liz Hurley….

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