As you ve guessed it’s not exactly a great day for news. Having gone over headlines from around the world….it all just seemed to be celebrities blowing smoke up each others ass about how great they are or how much money they have, what a shitty lonely existence where you gotta do that. Seems to me like they re only comfortable talking about themselves or stuff they own or just basically they re opinions….sad….sounds like my ex girlfriend ,”G ” and ” Mr I’m a fucking tool” rolled into one.

Victoria Beckham…..can she smile…will the world come crashing down if she smiles…is it a cosmic thing…I just don’t know. She went from the least talented Spice Girl to high fashion designer  ( but dear jasus have you seen the clothes….nuns look more adventurous) but still she can’t smile. Maybe David ain’t giving her the good loving at home but then your back to the same problem….how do you have sex with a woman who looks as angry as that. Good old happy go lucky Vicki becki was pictured somewhere returning to work from whatever stupid rich people do..and she changed her clothes 3 times, each outfit more God awful  than the next…..but for me it’s the angry head on her that’s priceless.  Does she think this is “my business face” or “my serious face”….sorry luv you look like bitter bitch and a ice Queen and we all just laugh at you. Bad clothes , ugly shoes and a face that scares small children… can’t buy everything. Go on Vicki becki we dare you smile just the once …..the wind might change and you ll be like that forever.

Northwestern university is investigating a party where 4 females seem to have been given date rape drugs at a male fraternity house party and then been victims of sexual assault. The fraternity house ( Sigma Alpha Epsilon) has denied the reports but personally I think these reports hold water. 

Fraternity houses are ment to be places where you learn to be loyal to your brothers but also how to be or become a man…..sometimes it all goes too far. Now we ve all seen the movies ….the great parties….the girls ….the drink… the drugs….and it’s all fun….except think of the quite girl, the wall flower , the girl who doesn’t mix well and she is slipped a date rape drug… picture the basement….now picture the phones out….the que of nake guys….the rape….the assault… I getting to you, well I’m real fucking sorry but this type of girl is who 187 was set up for. We here at 187 hate rapists and guys or girls who assault women /men sexually . If this case is proven and it’s as bad as I think it will be…..Sigma Alpha whatever the fuck…hell is coming for you because real men don’t let that shit pass….and if it’s a case of ” do you know who my daddy is”…well fuck him and fuck you too.

Now here is what is known as a complete stupid bitch. A retired Californian prison guard  ( 77) has decided to divorce her husband of 22 years because….get this…he voted for Trump.  Yes Gayle McCormick sighted this as her main reason for the divorce. What a  stupid leftie clown. Gayle you are no better that “G ” and she threw away a 20 year friendship with me over the election. What is with you stupid narrow minded leftie trendie fucks who can’t believe that other people have different views to yours. But the great thing is since all these racist lefties have stopped being friends with me and stopped talking to me….my sex life has gone into outer space because now the angry bitter bitches have shown they re true colours… all the rest of us  decent people who respect each other and each others  views can have fun. ” G” enjoy being alone, nobody wants a bitter person who tells them what to think all the time and Gayle while you sit at home in your palace of righteousness…..your ex husband is out enjoying the  life YOU denied him. He is going to get so much sex…..oh and guess what TRUMP WON TOO…..nice going Gayle ya stupid bitch.

So anyway Gigi Hadid is great big racist and hates Asian people…..well that’s according to all these losers on twitter or instagram or something. GIGI ( let’s be fair to her ….she’s not too bright) was having dinner with her sister in Asia somewhere and she held up a little statue of budda and she was photographed trying to do her eyes the same as the Statue…..and that makes her a racist. Are you fucking kidding me. There is black lives matter beating up white women/men….That’s not rapist….mobile execution vans driving around Tibet kidnapping people for organ sales….no that’s not racist either….or people calling me a “fucking white male” for no reason….still not racist…..but GIGI Hadid having a little fun with a statue while on holidays is racist….just fuck off you leftie trendie shit heads and leave Gigi Hadid alone.

I’m sick to death of these weak little fuckers popping out of holes and screaming “racist ”  when they think they might get they re tweet read on some review somewhere. What GIGI Hadid did was not even close to racism….racism is vild hate, it’s killing someone over the colour of they skin or religion its down right plain evil and when you face it you ll know the devil is dancing in the same room as you and the person who hates you….I ve felt it and it is terrifying .  So leave this poor girl alone….it’s not racism what she did and it’s a few leftie trendies with nothing better to do than point fingers that are causing the problem. GIGI HADID, 187 HAS GOT YOU’RE BACK GIRLY!!!

In other so called news, after Lady Gaga’s dam good performance at the superbowl there has been calls for Kanye West to do next year’s superbowl….well when I say calls, I mean there was one call….from his wife…Kim kardashain and no one else. When he said he wanted to do it she rushed in to support her friendly  donkey but everyone else just rushed for a bucket to vomit into or they just started laughing. Kim please stick to robberies you do those so much better.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..Kanye West, “G” and Gayle should all move in together….the donkey household..

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s the  other ” knock knock ” nutter…Mrs. Eli Roth…the sexy stunning beautiful… Lorenza Izzo 

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