This is the mark of a true woman, a woman  to be looked up too. Ivanka Trump gave up being head of her fashion line to go work for the President of America at his behest….she stepped away from a muti million dollar company to be an adviser. I can respect that….but since she did it, high end fashion companies are now dropping her brand some claiming that she has a conflict of interest because she wears her own brand. I’m Porta Gregor and I own 187, we have our own fashion line starting this year, so if I do something while wearing my own clothes….is that a conflict of interest…..fuck off.

What this is, is just more anti Trump hate that is being taken out against Ivanka this time…..why were these shops so delighted to carry her brand before her father became president…sorry won’t beat President Trump, his family or followers that way either, haters. 

Hollywood has been basically bought out by the Chinese. I say if it’s for sale and you got the want and the money go buy what you want….so more power to the Chinese. But acting agencies ( funded by  studios..funded by the Chinese) have now banded together in forming what they call  a ” political awareness ” group that has so much money that it can be formed into a strong political party.  This is pretty worrying as look at the amount of fuck heads in Hollywood with money who could be backed to run for election races. And it’s all just more anti Trump hate.

So we all know that it’s China and Soros are funding this Hollywood nonsense but China have openly admitted today that they are running war games for an attack on the west. A Soros funded Democrat came out on CNN yesterday and thought Bush was still president and had to be corrected a few times by the host of the show!!! This is the level of nonsense at the moment but let’s say Hollywood decides to give Madonna a go for an election….she said she would give head to people for they re  vote…yuk yuk yuk….Kanye West…where do I start, least Kim could get her brains fucked out in the oval office…ON tape of course….the list goes on and on. This is what America and the world should be afraid of….another puppet like Obama being put into a position of power. In  8 years it will be a strange time guys and gals….Miley Cyrus for president?

In Pakistan a guy came home to find his wife talking to herself. He didn’t try to calm her down or call the doctor for medical help….no he decided that she was possessed by the devil and called these ” pirs” guys….in other words he rang the paki version of ghost busters who are a bunch of fuck muppets who know jack shit about an exorcism or basically anything at all really. So the boys turn up, the wife is still talk to herself so they beat her, stab her and set her on fire….and well….she dies. What’s going to happen…..nothing.

Pakistan which is home at some stage or another to almost all the world’s Muslim terrorists has never dealt with the fact that mental illness exists and that medical help can be gotten for people who suffer from a break down. Plus because this was a woman who was killed nothing will happen. Where are the million women Marching against this, where is Ashley Judd with a shit poem to help these women. Why is it that it’s 187 and Porta Gregror is the only voice highlighting this. Has it been on your news channel, your papers….no it hasn’t. These fuckers have got to stop treating women this way…fuck they re culture….to kill a woman ain’t culture and my God don’t ask me to kill women. To the guys who killed this poor sick woman…..you will have to answer for what you did in this world or the next!

Finally to fifty Shades Darker. Yes the freak is back and although I ve never read the books ( I don’t need ideas ladies I’m twisted enough)…the first film was fucking shit. But it seems that this one has had an effect on people that the director didn’t expect…..women are laughing at it. It seems yer one leaves yer man because he goes too far in S&M ( didn’t he get her to sign a contract that said ” I’m fucking weirdo who is into S &M???) So she leaves and comes back and there is loads of semi naked sex….which everyone is laughing at as these movies were billed to be a sexual awakening or freedom or some kinda shit…but in fact it’s just another way of Hollywood getting they re  hand into you pants not to touch you up but to steal you money. But people are becoming wise to this shit. We want what’s billed in the movies not a tamed down load of bollox. So if you need a good laugh check out ” Fifty Shades Darker “….you might even score because when women are happy and laughing guys….well they re not trying to kill you are they so there is hope…

On a last note Gigi Hadid has been classed as a plus size model by “vogue ” magazine and has been photoshoped to be thinner on the cover it latest magazine. Are you for fucking real…Gigi Hadid plus size!!! Guess we re back to the day of walking corpse models. El corpse head Johnny Depp will be happy. 

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..leave Ivanka alone, she rocks and kicks ass

Love you all guys and gals 

Here’s one of the most beautiful hottest women on the planet….Hyuna Kim…

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