Leaks coming from the white house are disgraceful. It’s all these little people of no importance that suddenly think ” oh I saw the President in a dressing robe” this is  fucking news but who is worse is the shit bag reporters for the main stream fake media who runs with the story. It’s fucking 6am in the morning….of course President Trump is going to be in a dressing robe.

But what’s worse is the leaking of private phone calls made by President Trump to other leaders around the world. The Leaks will of course stop because the idiots doing the leaking don’t seem to realise that both President Trump and his real staff know who they are and these small time coffee serving losers will only be able to spread gossip on the unemployment line “I used to work in the white house”. Why is the hate so deep for President  Trump….87% of Americans have said that the believe President Trump before the main stream media.

Since Elizabeth Warren was told to shut the fuck up in Congress for breaking basically every rule there is in Congress, she has raised over $1million  for the reinstatement of the loser judge that was fired…..are you kidding me. It was a temporary position anyway ffs. Now that Melana Trump has to take a law suit against papers for suggesting she was an escort  which she never was…..isn’t Elizabeth Warren acting more like a political escort by raising money for basically her services. Someone needs to take these stupid leftie idiots aside and tell them Guam will not float away, Bush is not President, Congress has rules, Russia is not at war with Korea and Putin does not tell the world what to do. I managed to make breakfast this morning without asking Mr. Putin what I should eat.

Hamas have now teamed up with ISIS. Members of the Izz  ad Din al Qassam brigades and the Hamas commando wing have travelled to the Sinai Peninsula which is heavily under ISIS control. The Sinai  boarders isreal and now ISIS has some of the toughest hardest fighters now in they re ranks. These guys are bad news. They can build a bomb out of just about anything and they are nutters. Now with the courts holding up Trump’s immigration policy these nutters can flood into America. I don’t think people realise that Hamas have been fighting for generations and now with them teaming up with ISIS and spreading around the world, one terrorist cell of these nutters in Europe or America would be unbelievable.  Wake up people ….these are not nice friendly Muslims looking for a better life….these are fruit cakes who want to kill you because of the colour of your skin or your religion. At the moment there is a Muslim rape epidemic in Europe….as in ….Muslim men left in as refugees that think it’s they re right to rape white European women. Well it fucking ain’t, and if your idea of culture is rapeing women….we at 187 say ” fuck off back to the shit hole you came…and let us help you pack….fucker”!!!!!

The Pope has come up with a great way to get rid of stress….no more drugs…no more councillors….what do you do  you ask…well when you get stressed,you write down your problems in a letter to St . Joseph. How do you post it….fuck knows, but I ll be this Pope will sell you a stamp.

Finally carrying on from yesterday about skinny  models….Kelsey and Camille Grammers 15 year old daughter is now modeling for fashion week. We here at 187 say well done to her but think about this. She is 15 and has the body of a 15 year girl….what about models in they re early 20s who now have to try to be that thin  again. This was an awful trend in the 90s and look at the amount of models lives ruined because they got into the industry too young. It’s more like grooming than it is modeling so we at 187 say be careful to wanna be models there is wackos out there that will ruin a young models life in a moment…..please be careful. 

So until tomorrow guys and gals….. fuck Elizabeth Warren….

Love you all guys and gals

Here’s the super hot Vanessa Kirby 

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