So yesterday we gave a quick run down of Melania Trump and to be honest I could nt find a reason for the hate. She is a beautiful woman who deserves the respect that all women do…but still it’s not coming.

Today it’s 
Ivanka Trump 

Born in 1981 ( shit she’s younger than me…I feel old now) Ivanka is business woman, model and author. I’m not going to go into who her mother is or what she did in school because frankly I just can’t follow it and am totally confused now….so we ll start with when she opened her business lines

She formed a partnership with dynamic diamond corp and has her own line of high end jewellery as well as other fashion lines which she stepped away from once her father became president and asked her to be a “adviser” of sorts…which she is more than capable of because of her business background and education.

Ivanka is big on women’s rights, is a mother of 3 and ……well …thats mainly it . I ve looked over all the bios of this woman ( and there is loads) each will give you a different opinion or view but from what I can take from everything that I ve read on Ivanka is that she is a beautiful, intelligent woman and that she only adds to the Presidents office not takes as so many are saying.

I know my bio above is short but there is too many views on who she is ….all I can do is judge her by what I know and have seen of her and so far I have seen  no reason for so much hate.At the very least President Trump and his family deserve a chance….can you look at yourself in the mirror and know in your heart that you openly refused to give one family a chance ….I know I couldn’t so if your a hater …..well ask yourself why because I can’t find a reason.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..give them a chance, everyone deserves that much..

Love you all guys and gals 
Here’s the beautiful Ivanka Trump…

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