It’s that time of the year again….God help us…it’s the Grammys. So I guess your wondering who won what …..who cares because it’s the same names year after year either on they re way up or on they re way down in they re careers…..the Grammys or any other award ceremony is just a money making gathering of shit heads who pat each other on the back for the work others do. What you think Beyonce writes/mixes/ records/shoots video/ promotes/ and does everything else involved in her success all on her own do you….but the old fuckers running the entertainment industry don’t credit all these people…they re  walking dead but just don’t know it yet because the way you get your entertainment is changing 

Adele got a load of awards but I hate that bitch because she fucking ruined a guys life in those first lot of God awful songs she had. Beyonce got awards for what I ve no idea….and some guy called Drake got some awards too but I ve no idea who he is. Just go down through the list of winners and it’s the same names all the time. All presented by …James fucking corden….does it get any worse

Think about all the great entertainment that is available in the world but doesn’t get any awards….or credit. With millions of dollars being spent on shit entertainment in order to recoup billions of dollars in profit, a few people you will never hear of push forward the same shit….because it makes money….but a change is coming and they re afraid.


 It happened in the 90s but now it’s happening again. The Internet.  You are no longer restricted to MTV or other music stations to tell you what to listen too nor are you forced to tune in at a particular time to see a movie or TV show …..because you can now watch and listen too what you want when you want…your no longer restricted,the Internet is your choice of entertainment when you want it. This scares the shit out of the old ruling crowd of the entertainment industry because they can’t control it…yes they are  trying to control the Internet but then there is the deep Web so there is no limiting you what so ever in what you watch.How much money do these small minded entertainment industry moguls need before talent over comes the dollar….tell me what you cant buy to enrich your life with $1 billion that you need $2 billion…see what I’m getting at. Instead of a few idiots making mass amounts of money from the entertainment industry there is massive room for more people to make smaller amounts of money ( still millions) from the industry thus getting more and acts/shows/films into the world and making your choice even wider.

We here at 187 we say fuck the Grammys….don’t be told what is ” popular ” go out and be free and choose what you want as entertainment ….there is so much talent in the world that isn’t getting noticed …there is more to life than Beyonce so show these out dated moguls that the choice is yours and no I fucking won’t be told what to do.

The ” walking dead” has some new show or something on tonight but I when I rented the box set of season 1, I was in bed with two women so I have no idea what is going on  in the walking dead….

So until tomorrow guys and gals….choose your entertainment, don’t be told

Love you all guys and gals …

Here’s a woman who is so beautiful and sexy that if she doesn’t turn you on then your gay ( hang on …That’s only for guys because if she does turn you on, if you are a woman, then you are gay…. im confused…again….) a woman so hot that I’d melt if I met her……Eva Green 

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