This is nonsense. KIM KARDASHIAN turns up at some Kanye West event ( it’s her  husband ….of course she ‘ll turn up…i mean she would turn up at the opening of an envelope if she thought the fucking press would would be there) and she wears this god awful blazer/dress thing and nothing else. So some photographer catches sight of one of her ditties…..and that’s news. Forget what is going on in Pakistan or Russian spy ships off American coast or the fact that NATO have been caught sending over 200 train loads of arms across Europe to eastern Ukraine  ( look it up on YouTube…its scary)NO none of that is important but kimmy showing a dittie is real news…..are you insulted yet because I am. The main stream media tells you about  ” fake news ” but this is the shit they ram down your throat and your ment to sit at home and take it. We at 187 say “dont fucking take it” ….question everything….there no such thing as a stupid question just stupid answers.

While KIM KARDASHIAN  is in up town NEW York showing off her ditties, the city that never sleeps is plagued by RATS. In the Bronx the RATS  are causing a rare infectious disease which isn’t even in most 3rd world countries. This infection has already killed people and now the FDC are trying to make people aware of how to deal with the RAT problem. I can’t get my head around this because a few miles apart you have people spending millions of dollars on crap to across town people dying of an infection from RATS in they ‘re homes. Also New York has one of the highest murder rates in the country but yet these guys are willing to kill humans for money or drugs or whatever but can’t put the guns to good use and shoot the fucking RATS. The infection isn’t spread by RAT bites but by they ‘re urine which makes it even worse because how do u know where a RAT pissed. I know New York is an important city but if I were you if need to travel there at the moment…..id think twice.

In Los Angeles at 92 year old man gave his 72 year wife a surprise valentines day present…..he shot her… dead !! 92 years of age, he loaded the shotgun and let her have it after a verbal row. I want you to stop and think about this for second….if you ve ever loaded a shotgun it’s great big shells that load rather brutally I mean you know what your doing when load one because it’s not like a small hand gun where you get mad and run pick it up and pop in a bullet….you know you mean business when you load a shot gun. Now the other part…..the dude is 92 years old so he can’t be moving that fast can he… So it’s ” I’m getting the gun” 20 min to get to the gun, 20 min to load the pig ( he is 92) and another 20 min to get back with the gun to shoot the wife…. that must have been some verbal row.

There is something happening between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt but I don’t give a shit…..so fuck em.

So until tomorrow guys and gals….watch out for RAT piss

Love you all guys and gals… 

Here’s a woman who has gotten hotter with age ….. Jennifer Aniston… 

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