Let me be straight up from the start I don’t like teachers. I got a very hard time from them in school including physical violence and one fucking bitch in particular from my primary years in school….all I ‘ll say is out of the two years we had this fat bitch ( who looking back clearly had mental problems) alot of us came through that time fucked up and she was the root cause….if it was just me I’d say “ok i ve the problem” but 5 -10 guys and girls a year coming out mind fucked…you don’t gotta be a genius to work it out. So if you read this you bitch….you will have to answer someday for the mental abuse on everyone and I believe in just god so when I meet you in heaven or in hell…all will be settled.

Why am I ranting about teachers you ask we’ll a bunch of teachers in a Michigan school were on a night out…..shur the stress they’d need it….and they started to play “marry , fuck,kill” except some of these asshole teachers picked some of they ‘re students as who they might “marry” might ” fuck” might “kill”!!! It gets even worse as some of the stundents named were special needs students  and it gets worse still as some dumbass recorded it and put it online!!! This is what is teaching your children.

I don’t care about they ‘re punishments or if they get fired or whatever ……all I know is no kid should go through what I did so if one my family were spoken about in this way by a bunch of pissed teachers lets just say I’d skip the sit down and discuss it policy. Here at 187 we hate petty power and ask why can’t teachers be put through a mental evaluation and social background test before being given a job. Not all teachers are bad, some are the most  gifted people I know at passing on knowledge to kid and love they ‘re job but two out of 10 are fucked up in the head…  I mean they should not be allowed to teach a dog to sit let alone kids and these nutters should be weeded out….but the system is failing you and will thus fail your kids because they are who will suffer. Three years in college and one year ” work experience ” does make you a teacher… on paper yes but if your a fucked up loser nutter this is your chance a petty power and forced respect…….parents beware .

IVANKA TRUMP has highlighted women’s issues in business and guess what …the main stream media slates her for it. She has stepped back from her own business so as not to have a conflict of interest and because a few democrat backed stores have dropped her brand ….the media slate her that she knows nothing about business.  Ah may I just point out her second name…..Trump, enough said. IVANKA TRUMP knows what she’s talking about so get off her case.Fuck the fake news from these main stream media fucks….and fuck George Soros too ( there doesn’t have to be reason in particular does there)

Finally Carlos Santana has said Beyonce isn’t a singer  ( unfortunately I have to disagree… .as much as I don’t like her she can sing) and that’s why she didn’t get such a Grammy. He also said Adele was beautiful  and a great singer who deserved the award for whatever the fuck….ok Adele can sing ( ah Jesus porta what next…..taylor swift can write songs)but I think Carlos might be smoking a bit too much wacky because even Adeles husband wouldn’t use the word beautiful…..” you look very pretty luv” ….ah fuck the Grammys too….im going to bed.

Until tomorrow guys and gals…..keep your eye on them teachers

Love you all guys and gals…..
Here’s the weirdly hot Gwen Stefani 

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