Am I a good person? It’s a question I ask myself alot, in my mind a good person is the decisions you make in your head and heart and then you look in the mirror…trust me your eyes will tell you if you did the right thing. One of  motos i live by is ” who is a man who does not try to make the world better” the other is ” when I meet god I can’t use the excuse it wasn’t convenient to do the right thing”. The way to think of me is the joker mixed with batman.. ..a man constantly at odds with himself trying to bring order to chaos that he made. 

What’s all this got to do with Gigi Hadid….im getting to that…bare with me. The reason I formed “187” was because of a beautiful girl from Minnesota. She was 19 and went to college but college is expensive so not knowing how to raise money quickly ….she made a porn movie under a different name. It took 2 days for the scum from her high school days to start cyber bullying her off fake social media accounts. These are the fucks who were too fucking stupid to get into college. They contacted her family,they kept telling her to kill herself, calling her a whore, around the clock abuse….she weathered it for two weeks but something has got to give….so this beautiful girl with a bright future rang her mother to tell her that she loved her …then shot herself in the face with a shot gun!!! Her family had to have a closed casket….can you imagine that, not being able to see your  child’s face one last time. I did bit more research and it turned out the girl was bullied for 15 years in school because she was of mixed race. The guys and girls who did the bullying couldn’t be charged with anything and laughed online about the girl who killed herself. 

She had no where to turn for help, police don’t know or care about cyber bullies. There is nowhere to turn because people say “ignore them” which ain’t easy. So I decided to set up ” 187″ in order give people in this position somewhere to turn….and we don’t give you a shoulder to cry on…we teach people who would otherwise just take the abuse to push back because 99% of bullies are cowards. So far we ‘ve closed over 1200 fake cyber bully accounts, helped nearly 750 people and fucked with some seriously nasty people and we get death threats daily…but save one person you and you  save the world. This is where Gigi Hadid comes in.

At the moment Gigi Hadid is the sweetheart of the fashion/social/ reality show world….she can do no wrong and I say well done to her. You can’t open a magazine without seeing her or turn on the tv without her appearing on your screen at some stage. Fashion houses love her, she has the looks and is the current “IT “girl to know or have a photo shoot with…. and here lays the problem. 

People only love you till they don’t. What is  going to happen to Gigi Hadid when the new younger  version of her appears and replaces her. The invites stop coming as does the money….shes no longer current and that’s when the knives come out. Do you think it’s easy to stay current …no it’s not ….you gotta spend a small fortune on being seen, just look at KIM Kardashian and kanye dickhead….asset rich but cash poor from spending all they’re  ready cash on being seen. Porta Gregor will never be in this position because ” oh you want me on your show….of course….now fucking pay me ….what you want me to pay you because I ‘ll get on tv time ….step a little closer fucker, don’t run don’t run it just makes me more angry…now fuck you and sign the fucking cheque…fucker” most celebrities don’t have this mentality so they end up in the circle of making money off being known but spending it to stay known.

So back to Gigi Hadid…..where is she going to turn when the lights go out, the haters start and she’s no longer the sweetheart of the world….shes in the same position as the girl from Minnesota. That’s why ” 187″ exists rich or poor, famous or unknown we show you how to push back….how to look in the mirror and say “I’m not victim….im a bad ass” and get through the day.

Since we started you  have made us who we are, 10k of you read most days and we can’t thank you enough and we ‘re expanding. The proudest moment so far for me was a girl being bullied openly on Facebook  and answered  back…” leave me alone or I ‘ll get 187 on your ass” and it worked. The coward bullies now fear us all….no longer is it just a term you have turned “187” into a movement….and we thank you. 

For the Gigi Hadids of this world they have the same problems as the normal people on the street….just they have a higher fall. At the moment….ALL HAIL GIGI HADID….but just wait….reality bites.

So until tomorrow guys and gals…we ‘ll tell you more about the 187 plan and I suppose we better do a bio of Gigi Hadid because I know fuck all about  her…

Love you all guys and gals 
Here is the sexy girl herself….Gigi Hadid

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