So yesterday we had a look at why maybe it’s not so great to be Gigi Hadid but today we ‘re going look at the woman behind the public face.


Well Gigi Hadid is a model and from there I know fuck all else because I had a busy day and hadn’t time to find out info about her. If you wanna know about her life story go look it up….Gigi Hadid is a beautiful woman currently at the top of her game…and we here at 187 respect her and admire her.

So why did I call today’s ” I’m feeling like a freak on a leash…” well think about this. At the moment Gigi Hadid is at the top, she models for everyone and seems to have a great life….but does she? Always being told what to wear, today your naked and must get into bed with two other naked girls, get out and walk bitch( what you think that’s not said to her…guess again) and we ‘re not paying you to think. Sometimes it must feel to her ” where is my life”. Yes there is money …. yes there is fame…but at what cost.

I wish no one needed Porta Gregor and 187. I wish the knives of hate never came out….but they do and unfortunately sometimes we are some people’s  only hope. I hope Gigi never calls on us and I hope I never meet her…. I wish her happiness and success  and most of all I wish her to look back at her life and be happy….but if she or anyone else needs us we ‘re here….. Porta Gregor and 187 don’t run

So until tomorrow guys and gals…..love who you are….

Love you all guys and gals….

Here’s more of the beautiful Gigi Hadid…

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