First we got to deal with Obama. Everybody knows that Obama was a worthless piece of shit that’s why I’m not shocked to hear about the phone tapping allegations. So the FBI  have said that the justice  department shouldn’t follow up on President Trumps allegations but all I ‘ll say about the FBI is ….they could fuck up a cup of coffee and was run by a cross dresser for years who was gay and took money from the mob and tried to blackmail everyone. So back to Obama….there is no smoke without fire so was the miserable bastard up to something….i say yes….why…well because of Obama care. He openly lied about what it was and what it did….the rich got richer from it, the middle class got private health insurance so it didn’t really effect them but the poor who needed Obama care to be real and work…got ass raped by the worst president in American history. Anyone who can screw the needy and poor over like that by lying and thus making rich companies richer is capable of anything. If Obama’s ( or his wife’s ) lips are moving chances are they re lying. Watch out America because Obama looms over you all and the world like a spector of pure evil.

Now picture this, you get up it’s a bright sunny day, you feel happy to be alive and open the curtains to see the beautiful world….but instead all you see is a drunk dude having sex with a knot hole in a garden FENCE!!!! That’s what faced a woman in Austin Texas this morning or rather she saw the whole of the moon at work if you what I mean. So she decides to record him with her phone as he gets his groove on with the fence….which before fucking it he seemed to give it head ( fucking weird bastard) anyway she called the cops and the dude was arrested for public indecency and I believe the woman is going for therapy.

In another part of rural America a man comes home from work and notices that the motion camera in his garage has recorded something  while he was out so he decides to check it fearing a break in. So he watches the footage….the garage door opens and in walks the mailman, so he thinks what a great service out of the mailman to leave the mail in the garage safe and sound….but guess again. The mail man starts to steal power tools. So there is the mail man happy out stealing power tools when he notices the dog sleeping in the corner. So the mail man walks over to the sleeping dog, gives it a path on the head and…..then has fucking sex with the dog!!! I mean there is this dude just home from work watching a recording of post man pat rapeing his dog!!! I shit you not….he raped the dog!!!! So the police were called in and the mail man is going to be charged with dog rapeing I guess ….but think about how many houses don’t have cameras….yuk yuk yuk.

Finally KIM KARDASHIAN made the fashion  mistake of showing ditties and leg ( I have no idea either so don’t ask) maybe kanye made a mistake in they ‘re sex tape when he put it up her……

Until tomorrow guys and gals….we ‘re still working on new site bare with us…

Love you all guys and gals….

Here’s a woman I would so love to date and omg has a body that is so hot….the amazing, beautiful,wonderful,sexy,lover material that has a body for sin…. Sasha Banks…

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